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Posted by bmsceiaa on April 18, 2009

Whiplash 2008 – Inviktus – In Visions Of Spirit
BMS Fashion show .. UTSAV 2008


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UTSAV 2008 – A

Posted by bmsceiaa on April 17, 2009

When BMS Utsav 08 came around,I was feeling very excited as I had heard a lot of praise for Utsav from many,many people;both from BMSCE and other colleges.On the day, April 12th,as soon as I entered,I found a real atmosphere of festivity all around the college.Utsav was formally inaugurated by dignitaries from our college,the trustees of the college and our chief guest,the Bangalore City Police Commisioner,Mr.N Achyuta Rao.That kickstarted Utsav 08.The atmosphere around the college was simply superb,with stalls of all kinds set up opposite the main stage,from chatsto kaati rolls(which are just like frankies) to Byjuš CAT classes(Byju,by the way is a serial CAT topper,scoring Back-to-back 100 percentiles in the CAT exam) to the Reliance Mobile stall,which,incidentally,was the communication partner of Utsav.Events of all kinds and types were there,right from Dance to Quizzes,from Litereary to even Robotics,which was introduced for the first time in Utsav.

On Day 1,the main stage events included “Antarmukhi”,where students from BMSCE showcased their talents in music,dance and even a “Mock Rock” , which was totally hilarious!!:)The evening saw the Choreography event on the Main Stage,with teams from different colleges competing for prizes in Eastern and Western Dance categories.In the competitive front,N.M.I.T. swept the prizes in both categories with a couple of outstanding displays.Although the teams from BMSCE went non-competitive,They too,were outstanding.

The second day saw “SAHAS” taking place in the BMSCE College campus,which was organised by the BMSCE Mountaineering Club.All the events(expect the Wall Climbing event) were non-competitive.It was just the right thing for students to get a Hands-on experience of Mountaineering activities such as Rappling,Wall Climbing,River Crossing and Flying Fox,which are normally either too rare or too expensive to do.SAHAS turned out to be a great experience for every one who took part in it.The other big attraction was the rock show “Whiplash”,where rock and metal bands competed on the main stage for the Grand Prize of opening the Def Leppard show in Bangalore on May 16th.This attracted a very large crowd.There was a lot of noise,a lot of music and a lot of fun during Whiplash.

On day three,the signature events were were Mad Ads and the Fashion Show.Mad Ads was,as usual,HILARIOUS!!!A lot of products were advertised(Chumma Chewing Gum,Choosper Adult Diaper etc etc.),and the way it was brought out was incredibly funny.The finals of Mad Ads saw RNSIT face off against two teams from PESIT over the Hoganekal issue,Bangalore Metro Rail Project and the BIAL.All the finalist teams were equally good, and the deserving winners were the team from RNSIT.After that the Fashion Show drew the largest crowd over the three days of Utsav.More than 10,000 people attended Utsav on the third day(This was said by the host of the Fashion Show.I didnt bother counting.The crowd was so huge.)In between the Fashion Show ,a superb Mad Ads performance was given by Last Minute Tension(LMY) of BMSCE,Dayanand Sagar college won the honours in the Fashion Show.The non-competitive displays given by BMSCE were also superb.That ended three days of complete fun @ BMSCE.

And,Yes,the fest would never have been possible without the sponsors: TCS,Wipro,Cognizant(for Quizzes),Tech Mahindra(Fashion Show),E18(Whiplash),Reliance Mobile,Yahoo!,the FOLK(Friends of Lord Krishna) foundation of ISKCON,Which shows animated movies of Krishna in full 3D version,SoundAce(Stage and Lights) and all the others.UTSAV 08 was truly………The BEST college fest in Bangalore.
Rohith Shenoy
Bangalore, Karnataka, India


UTSAV 2008 – Dance at Utsav 2008 (Antarmukhi)..


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UTSAV 2008 Brochure 1

Posted by bmsceiaa on March 2, 2008

UTSAV 2008 Brochure 1

ALUMNI’s please talk to your employers about getting SPONSORS for UTSAV 2008 !!!

Let us do it  IAA !!

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