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List of Participants for IAA meeting

Posted by bmsceiaa on November 19, 2006

the list of participants



  1. Amarlal v Talreja, 1971 Mech
  2. T Parabramhan, 1973 Mech
  3. H V Seetharam, 1963 Electrical
  4. K S Surya kumar, 1971 Electrical
  5. M N Shyam, 1971 electrical
  6. Anupama Hatti, 2004 Civil
  7. Smitha Y P, 2004 Transportation
  8. Chitra R, 2004 Printing Technology
  9. Sreekala S, 2004 Comp sc.
  10. Sowmya S, 2004 Civil
  11. V M Cavale, 1967 Mech
  12. N Anbaralan, 1989 comp sc
  13. C Badrinath, Mech 1971
  14. P J Guruprasad, 2002 mech
  15. Devchander M , 2000 Medical Electronics.
  16. C Ravishankar, 1971 Mech
  17. K N Venkatesh , mech 1979
  18. chetan daga, 2001 med elns
  19. Sanjay Kattimani, 2003 MCA
  20. Kartik Krishna, IT 2002
  21. Dr, Manmohan Kalgal,1979 Civil
  22. Hemanth, 2003 Elns
  23. Venkatesh, 1997 Med elns
  24. V M kumaraewamy, 1971 civil
  25. Hanumantha Gowda, 1971 civil





  1. Bhavna M S student, 3rd sem Electrical
  2. Sindhu S, 3rd sem Electrical
  3. Bharanidharan p, 7th sem Electrical
  4. Selvan A 7th sem mech
  5. Raghu Kalyan Chakravarthy 7th sem civil
  6. Praneeth 7th sem Compsc
  7. Sri Krishna Sasthry, 7th sem civil
  8. Binoy p k 7th sem electrical
  9. Akhil prabhu, 7th sem electrical
  10. Lahari, 2nd sem architecture



  1. Ravishankar Dikkshit, HOD Elecrtical
  2. M C Sampath Kumar HOD civil
  3. Dr K R Suresh faculty civil
  4. Dr G N Shekar, Dept of Mathematics
  5. S Ramanand, Dept of Electrical
  6. Dr. K Mallikarjuna Babu, Vice Principal HOD IEM
  7. D N Sujatha, HOD Dept of MCA
  8. S Y Pattar , HOD Medical Electronics,
  9. K Vijayalakshmi, dept of Medical Electronics
  10. Beena, dept of Medical Electronics
  11. H N Suma, dept of Medical Electroniccs
  12. Dr P Geetha Vani, HOD, dept of Mathematics
  13. Shylaja J, Dept of IEM
  14. Anitha, dept of Telecommunication
  15. Dr Jagadeesh H S, HOD transportation
  16. Dr. Ranganath, Dept of M Tech civil
  17. Satish , Dept of architecture



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IAA Minutes of the meting 4th December 2004

Posted by bmsceiaa on November 19, 2006

Minutes of the meting 4th December 2004

This meeting witnessed the highest attendance till

Mr. Kumaraswamy the executive Director of IAA hosted
the meeting.

The evening was truly a culmination of experience,
enthusiasm and affection towards our alma mater.
It was a meeting to remember since the year of
graduation of people in the meeting spanned across
four decades
Mr. Seetharam of batch 63 was the senior most. 

The college management gave a positive gesture by
granting IAA the permission to use the Geo lab of
civil department as the venue of meeting.

It began by Mr. Kumaraswamy welcoming all the alumni
and coordinating a session of introduction of all the
members present

Then he went about to describe the necssicity for the
inception of an alumni association called as
International Alumni association and how we would be

Pattabhi Raman presented a summary of all the meetings
held over the last one year
A copy of these minutes is posted on the IAA website.

Mr Seetharam of batch 1963 then addressed the
gathering and made following observations.

1.	He spoke about the top quality of engineers that
BMSCE has churned out and expressed his desire that
alumni should contribute more actively to college.
2.	His next concern was that, technical education
currently imparted in engineering curriculum is not in
synchronization with the demands in the industry. He
rightly pointed out that even through this existing
system couldn’t be changed; alumni can conduct
seminars and model and upgrade the student’s knowledge
as per the industry’s requirements.
3.	He observed that first, we must find from students
what are their needs, and how we can assist them in
academics and allied facilities before launching a
Mentoring program.
4.	Finally, he praised Mr SuryaPrakash placement
officer, for his dedication and achievement of placing
a majority of 2004 graduates in good companies.

Mr. Satyan Kalyandurg spoke about his experiences and
about the alumni of BMS who have done well in various
field worldover
He reiterated that he and alumni from USA would always
assure their best support for the BMSCE and IAA

Dr Manmohan Kalgal then addressed the gathering.
1.	Dr. Kalgal’s opening statement was ‘even through we
can have lot of plans and we can make a long list of
proposed activities, IAA’ s need of the hour is
Volunteers.” He called to all the alumni to kindly
involve and be available when needed.
The purpose of having an association is to make BMS
students and alumni come together He stressed on the
importance of alumni meeting the students of BMS,
management, and faculty personally and building a
relation between them and IAA.
2.	He spoke about the importance of having alumni
meetings as often as possible.
3.	All stated that alumni must strive to execute the
plans and do its bit for the Alma mater.

Then, Mr. kumaraswamy chalked out a plan of action for
IAA activities.

1.	He spoke of the Yahoo groups and how it has been of
assistance to student with its job placement section.
2.	 Regarding IAA membership drive and fees, he told
this will be put up before members after further
discussions among the alumni.
3.	The main objective of IAA is to establish a network
of BMS alumni world over.
4.	Yahoo group discussions and telephonic meetings
play a major role in achieving this.
5.	He told alumni that an account has been opened in
Bank of Allah bad in the name of BMSCE IAA.
6.	A trust will be formed to govern and finance all
activities of IAA.
7.	This will lead to the realization of all other
sponsorship and scholarship programs 

Mr. Badarinath spoke of alumni allotting their time
and being proactive in membership drive.

Sreekala made certain observations regarding inclusion
of current students of BMSCE in IAA.
She told that current students should be involved more
in all activities of IAA.
She also stressed on the acceptance of IAA by the
college management.
Once the college gives its absolute consent for all
activities for IAA on campus lot more students will
come forward and be a part of the association.

Mr. Kumaraswamy then, assured all this will happen in
due time and he will be meeting all the concerned
people in the BMS management during his stay in inda
and talk to them about IAA and its activities.

It was decided that the next meeting would be on 18th
December for which all the faculty and management of
BMS will be invited.


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Meeting Minutes: BMS 1980 Silver Jubillee Celebration – Conference Call Sat Mar 5th 2005

Posted by bmsceiaa on November 18, 2006

Meeting Minutes : BMS 1980 – Silver Jubillee Celebration – Conference Call Sat Mar 5th 11:4… 


Forwarded Message:

Subj: Meeting Minutes : BMS 1980 – Silver Jubillee Celebration – Conference Call Sat Mar 5th 11:4… 


Hi All:


We had a very productive conference call on March 5 for the BMSCE 1980 Silver Jubilee Celebration.  Attendees for the meeting were:  Mr. Kumaraswamy�71 (CA), Mr. Satyen�69 (TX), Vijay Lathia�80 (MA), Anil Kumar�80 (VA), Krishna Murthy�80 (MI), Veena�92 ( UK ), and Sharmili�99 (KY). 


Main topics for discussion were:

         Silver Jubilee date.  We would like to set this date for most folks to attend. 

o       Consensus was to have dates coincide school-off week.  Taking into account both east/west coast we are looking at weekend of Jun 25, Jul 2, Jul 9, Jul 16, Jul 23 and July 30.

o       Folks of 1980 batch please let us know if you are planning to be in Bangalore during these weeks.

         Event is open to everyone; however the main attraction will be the 1980 Silver Jubilee Celebration. During the function we will honor with certificates:

o       Professors who taught during 1975-80.

o       Each batch of 1980.

o       Individuals of 1980 batch nominated by their classmates.

o       Certificates will be mailed to folks who can not attend.


Spreading word among batch of 1980.  So far, we have good participation from Electronics and Civil branch.  We need folks from Mechanical and Electrical branch to help in getting their class group pictures and contact information.  Please forward them soon to Mr. Kumaraswamy.  Here are the assignee for Civil and Electronics groups

o       Contacts and pledges for Civil batch Anil Kumar/ Krishna Murthy for US and Krishna Naidoo/Dev Sitaram for India contacts/pledges .

o       Contacts and Pledges for Electronics Srinivas Dabir / Ashok Kumar for US, Gridhar Boray / Tara Nawaz for India .

o       Arun Kumar is contact for Mechanical branch; he will help in getting emails and class picture.

o       Need help in finding folks from Electrical batch and participation from 1980 folks in India.

         1980 batch is setting an initial goal to provide scholarship for next 5 years.  Scholarship for a year costs around Rs. 5000.  Please support this effort.  Money collected from all 1980 batches will be collectively given towards the scholarship.

         Giridhar and Tara will help in extending invitation to the professors of 1980 batch.  They will be attending upcoming March 19th BMSCE-IAA meeting at BMS.

         We are looking for help with certificates, yearbook and T-Shirts for the event.

         Sharmili will help with managing Web page for 1980 batch on  We will post 1980 group, individual and professors pictures here.   Please also send your favorite inspirational/best-wish quotes for wesite and yearbook to Kumaraswamy.


Again this is your event, so please participate and help wherever way you can, please forward your questions and commnets..  As a batch of 1980, we are breaking grounds to start this for Alumni celebration 1st time, so lets make it a great success. 

Vijay Lathia, (Graduating batch of 1980 Electronics)

978-808-2510 (cell ph)

________________________________________________________________ wrote:

In a message dated 3/4/2005 6:35:42 AM Pacific Standard Time, writes:

Conference Call #

Date/Time:  Mar 5th Saturday 11:45 AM. 

Dial-in Number: (712) 824-4000
Access code: 997404#

Hello Vijay,

Thanks for everything and for initiative in doing this.  Timing is OK with me.

IS IT EST ? If yes

Then WestCoast time is 8:45 AM – This is OK with me

Then Central Tine is: 10:45 AM

Please let us know about this.



V. M. Kumaraswamy


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