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BMSCEIAA First Meeting Minutes in Bangalore at BMSCE Campus

Posted by bmsceiaa on November 16, 2006

BMSCEIAA First Meeting Minutes in Bangalore at BMSCE Campus

From: “bmscealumni” <>

Date: Mon, 15 Dec 2003 18:52:22 -0000
Subject: [BMSCE-IAA] BMSCE IAA Committees and Minutes of the meeting in Bangalore

 Dear BMSCE IAA Members,

Thanks for becoming members and your interest in developing BMSCE
IAA. Your strong support will make it even more stronger. As all of
you know things are progressing in BMSCE IAA. BMSCE IAA is a GLOBAL
PLATFORM for BMSites all over the world.

There was a meeting at the BMS College Campus on Saturday, December
13, 2003 by few BMSCE IAA members. They had good discussions. More
BMSites need to participate in these meetings and enjoy what you are
all doing. The minutes of the meeting are at the end of this email

BMSCE IAA requests all members to talk to their BMS batchmates and
oteh BMSites and send this information to all different BMS
Yahoogroups of different batches and years. PLEASE DO THIS.

Some of the Committees BMSCE IAA is considering forming are ( we
need interested members to work in these committees). BMSCE IAA
requests interetsed members to fill out their BMSCE IAA membership
application information and send it to

If any of the members have suggestions on these and other
committees, PLEASE do so and write an email to
This is open to all BMSites who become members of BMSCE IAA.

Website Committee
Alumni Day Committee

Cultural Committee
Membership Committee
Library Committee
Students Committee
Study Abroad Program Committee
Community Relations Committee
Scholarship Committee

Jobs Posting Committee
Help Freshers Committee

BMSCE IAA will be selecting some more members, ONCE the members
fills out their BMSCE IAA Membership Application Form. It is in the
files section of the group.

BMSCE IAA members needs to help in identifying BMSites in different
States of INDIA and also BMSites in different Districts in Karnataka
State. This will give better network for BMSCE IAA and it will be
more stronger. MEMBERS PLEASE WORK ON THIS. The following members
were selected for their interest in ALUMNI activities and after
communicating with them on the phone.

BMSCE IAA – Coordinating Committee (Bangalore)

Shailesh Bhat- Satyajit M. S.- Pattabhi Raman –
Sanket Ravindra – K.S. Vanishree – Ashok Krishanan – Padmalatha S –
Dev Chander- Kshipra Pitre – Hemanth Kumar – Pramod – Vishnu Prasad

BMSCE IAA – coordinating Committee (Karnataka State- from all other

BMSCE IAA – Coordinating Committe (INDIA – from all other States)

Sunil Kumar – Mumbai – Venkatesh Babu –

BMSCE IAA International Coordinating Committee (USA)

Jaya Shashikumar – Anitha Katta
Premkumar Narayandas – Sanjay Garg –
Srivaishnav Rajagopal – Karthik Krishna – Jayanth Ramesh –
Mahesh Chinnaiyan – Darshan – Anikanchan Raut –

BMSCE IAA International Coordinating Committee (Other Countries)

Abhilash.A.R – Victoria, AUSTRALIA, Hari Krishna Gururajan – UK
Hemant Satish – CANADA, Aditya Aggarwal – CANADA
K. R. Madhusudhan – Sydney, AUSTRALIA,
Pranam Janney – Melbourne, AUSTRALIA

MINUTES of the meeting of December 13th, 2003.
Time 16.45

Agenda of The Meeting

1)    Developing and hosting the website

2)      BMSCE Alumni Day.

Members Present

Senthil Kumar    – – 080-5286934
Sharath          – – 080-31879324
Satyajith        – – 98451-65435
Ashok            – – 98450-17933
Shivayogimath    � – 98862-18557
Vanishree        – – 080-3502518
Sanket           – – 9845283183
Karthik          –
Dev              –  9845305298
Santosh B.P      – –
Pattabhi Raman   – 98862-18557

V. M. Kumaraswamy from USA called and talked to few members at the
time of the meeting.

The team decided to distribute the work among themselves, according
to their expertise. It is as follows:




3.Santosh B.P

4.Shekar (New and most productive Member in our team)

Uploading of Files and Web Hosting





1.Pattabhi Raman



The team has decided to develop the website using ASP, HTML and Java
Scripts, as most of the developers are comfortable working on this.
It was decided to develop 4 static pages initially and get the site
up and running, so that more people can get to know about our alumni.

Some of The points that were discussed

1)    Developing the BMSCE website and hosting it ASAP.

2)    BMSCEIAA Alumni Day

3)    Conducting some competitions in the college to popularize the

4)    Logo for the Alumni (With a Theme). It was decided to give
this task to the final year students, so that we can have more
brains working on it (am sure we will have a good one coming).

5)    Getting some sponsorers to host our website.(This may take
some time)

The Best part of the meeting was that we all got to meet each other.


BMSCE IAA is open to all BMSites. Please promote the ALUMNI

BMSCE IAA will develop leaders for future of ALUMNI and it needs
participation from one and all.




V. M. Kumaraswamy

Executive Moderator, BMSCE IAA


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