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The Department of Manufacturing Science/Engineering

Posted by bmsceiaa on November 17, 2006

The Department of Manufacturing Science/Engineering

Amongst many sectors that decide on the country’s growth, advancement and economical status, Manufacturing is one of the most important areas. The quality and standard of living depend on essentials and luxuries. All in all, right from a tablespoon to an airplane and a crowbar to a modern sophisticated machine center, name it and it has to be manufactured.

            With this necessity of industry in mind, the Manufacturing Enginee ring, course was established in the year 1992. Six batches of students have qualified so far and are well placed in industries and institutions of prominence for higher education in India and abroad.

            The students of the department are trained in specialized areas of application such as CAD, CAM, Robotics, Artificial Intelligence and Expert Systems, FMS, Networking, Operating Systems and Tool design, etc., to meet the demands of the present day manufacturing industries.

            The Club of Manufacturing Engineersencourages students to develop their overall personality by organizing Lecture series, competitions and Cultural activities.

            The department has committed faculty comprising of a Professor, an Assistant Professor and Six lecturers, with expertise in the fields of Design Engineering, Foundry, Production Engineering and System technology, Manufacturing Engineering, CAD / CAM, Robotics etc.,

            A fully equipped welding lab, state of art FMS, CNC Turing center, CNC Milling center, 3 Robots and a conveyer and all the allied application software packages are available with the department.   

            On the whole, when Manufacturing Engineering is growing by leaps and bounds, the department is fully geared to meet the challenges and supply trained professionals to the industry.

Programs Offered

U.G.-  B.E. in Manufacturing Engineering


Name Of Staff



Vinod C. Aralimatti Assistant Professor & Head M. Tech.
Srinivas S Senior Lecturers M. Tech.
Ramachandra M Senior Lecturers M. Tech.
Prasad K.N.P Senior Lecturers M. Tech.
Shashikumar G Lecturer M.E.
Ramji B.R Lecturer M. Tech.
Bharathi V Lecturer M. Tech.

   Assistant Instructor

          Shanmukhananda V., D.C.Sc.


       Ravi G., D.E&C.Sc.; Muruga P.K., I.T.I


       Manjunath G.; Venkateshappa V.; Shivanna B.K.


Laboratories CAD/CAM/Robotics Lab, Applied Electronics and Microprocessor Lab., Welding Lab.
Other Facilities Departmental Library




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