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Dept. of Info Science :: GENESIS 2006

Posted by bmsceiaa on November 19, 2006

Dept. of Info Science


” Life is made up of inches … With inches in every facet of life, we need to surge ahead together adding all these inches in a combined effort “

So to get acquainted with the ultimate team effort, come experience GENESIS 2006
Hosted in the serene and becalming BMSCE campus, this one day techno-cultural extravaganza attracts around 2000 participants every year. The best in the city and nearby areas come to experience the ultimate thrill – GENESIS!

EVENT Co-Ordinator E-mail ID

The Laughter Challenge Namrata Arora

General Quiz Shreyas MR

Recruit Puneet

Paper Presentation Netravathi

Coding & Debugging Aashish Gupta

Debate Lakshmi Hari

Online Treasure Hunt Harsha Hegde

Dance Harshita

Anthakshari Poorvi Nayak

Gaming Karthik

Online Collage Gyanesh Jha

Bangalore Treasure Hunt Nithish


General Queries

H. S. Guruprasad


Dept. of Information Science


Phone No: 98455-16780

L. Suresh

Assistant professor

Dept. of Information Science


Phone No: 98456-41785

Ashok Kumar

Assistant professor

Dept. of Information Science


Phone No: 98452-81049


Genesis 2005

Rains had decided to become a part of Bangalorean life and the people feared them even more, just even Genesis was scheduled.
29th October 2005.
A crowd exceeding 1000 marched into the premises of BMSCE for a momentous and much anticipated event Genesis-05. 10 events took their unique and characteristic look to entertain the valued guests. Despite the pervious obstructive behaviour by the rain gods and the holidays, participants from various corners of Karnataka arrived.
The different events were equally esteemed.

Technical events included:
Paper presentation
Coding and debugging

Cultural events included:

Informal events included:
Online treasure hunt
Online collage

Every contest was well organised and the critics were delighted with the fabulous co-ordination. The splendid prize for each event and the concepts used made the crowd applauding all the more. The informal quiz was also a key event. The fest attracted people from all walks of life and fields. It was truly a miracle by the climate that blessed the day with absolutely no sign of showers. With the remarkable sponsors, infinite help by staff and students of the department the event rose to greater heights.
As the day ended, every eye looked forward to share another day with the BMSCE-ISE department, rejoicing and celebrating Genesis again

Genesis 2004

“Yesterday’s wonderful moments, have become today’s cherished moments.”

Genesis 2004 – Our endeavor to provide an opportunity to identify to nurture true skill and talent not only experienced the bliss of success but has served as the motivation behind genesis 2005.

Genesis 2004 had a repertoire of events. Coding edge, paper presentation , collage , Quiz , Debate , Treasure Hunt , Recruit , Gaming , e-Samwad. Each of these was a crowd puller with the ‘ best bettering their best! ‘ . The success of Genesis 2004 is attributed to its ever supporting sponsors, the participation of the student community and the efforts of the staff and students of department of ISE, BMS college of Engineering.

Genesis 2003

Genesis 2003 was the first ever inter-collegiate fest held by the Information Science branch of BMSCE.
Here’s a report from our senior’s about the Genesis 2003..

The Department of Information Science and Engineering (I.S.E.) of the B.M.S. College of Engineering recently held their first ever inter-collegiate fest on 23 October 2003.
The techno-cultural extravaganza had Mr.M.Basavaraju, the Vice President of Atria Convergence Technologies as Chief Guest and comprised of six technical and three cultural events which were as follows :

1) Paper Presentation – d Tech freak’s opportunity to show off
2) Coding Edge – d Programmed to Program
3) Interface – d Panel discussion wit d Industry
4) Temple of Doom – d Tech. Treasure Hunt
5) Mindsport – d Quizzers Ring
6) Carnage – d Gamer’s Arena


1) 2 Left Feet – When they burnt the Dance floor
2) Mad Ads – When they got Insaaaaane!
3) In’verse – When they mesmerized with melody

All the events had eminent personalities as their judges which included prominent authors like Mr. Padma Reddy, Mr.Nandagopal, Dr.K.Uday Kumar and Mr. Umashankar.

The tech freaks sure enjoyed showing off their technical prowess at the Paper Presentation where the topics varied from fuzzy logic to xsp trees. The programmers sure had their thinking caps on for the Coding Edge as they had to sit up and answer the bits framed by the best in the league.

The highlight of the fest was the Interface or rather the e-Samvad. This innovative concept of the panel discussion between the industry and the campus thrilled all. The intellectuals sure had a gala time listening to voices from the big guns such as IBM, Infosys and Microsoft. While Mr.Subramanya ( an ex-BMScean) from Infosys set the tone for the hour emphasizing that we, Indians are the best and destined to lead the world in the I.T. corridors. Mr.Sandeep Menon from IBM enlightened all with his tips on the emergent Linux platform and ” Wave-Spotting ” techniques. Mr.Janaki Ram, represented Mr. Gates’ Microsoft and their latest methodologies and trends were discussed. The three of them represented the industry but were taken to task in the end by the renown academician, Dr. Rajnikant, the HOD of I.S.E. at the MSRIT.

The Temple of Doom, had its worshippers praying to the Almighty to help them secure the treasure chest as they traversed the treacherous boundaries imposed by the protectors. indsport, had its contestants begging for mercy with the queries testing their senses to the core. The Carnage locked in participants for a whole … hours, initially requiring contestants to prove that speed doesn’t kill and then later, those who didn’t fall prey to the speeds had to battle it out, ensuring the survival of only the fittest.

The technical events had created such a frenzy about them that the cultural events were welcomed by one and all. The Mad Ads proved to be a great tension reliever with the crowds throwing caution to the air, jostling for space to catch a glimpse of the nonsensical laugh riot. In’verse! Your senses must have been blessed if you had the honor of listening to those talented artistes belting out the most cherished tracks from the Indian music segments. 2 Left feet ? The dance troupes had just one message, Definitely Not us with the two left feet. The energy on stage provided ample proof of how charged they were to win at the best campus!
Over whelmed by the turn out of over 500 students from all over Karnataka had flocked to the college premises to just participate in the various events of the fest held by the No. 1 Engineering Department in the state. This led to a doubt in the minds of the faculty pertaining to other departments who sought the advice of their counterparts in the I.S.E. as to whether ” Is it the College Fest or a Department Fest? ” then apprised that it was the I.S.E. fest, they echoed the sentiments of their colleagues from other colleges alike seeking the Department’s cooperation in organising a similar event.

The faculties probably gave in to the students requests clamouring for more as the events rolled by in quick succession. Most students were dejected when they were told that the fest lasted only for the day but were glad to see the ray of light, with the possibility of getting a day or two more next year.The corporate personnel confessed about having heard the BMSCE brimming with talent but they had underestimated the magnitude by always categorising it into their respective fields of interests. They said they had no choice but to leave the premises with words of praise and admired the department’s efforts in organising such an event.


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