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Dec 28, 2008
BMSCE Campus and Manipal Country resort

Some snaps of the re-union we had in our college and at a resort on 19th and 20th December.


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BMSCE Rank Students 07-08 list

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Information Science Engg. got 7 ranks.

Second Rank – Lakshmi Priya S
Fourt Rank – Radhika M rao
Fifth Rank – Pooja K R
Sixth Rank – Aashish Gupta
Ninth Rank – Rekha Prasad
Tenth Rank – Adithi T Anginthaya
Tenth Rank – Akshatha Hebbar

TELECOMM  got 2 ranks

Eighth Rank – Chaitra
Ninth Rank – Gunjan Kumar


Seventh Rank – Chelli Raju G

IEM got ONE rank

Seventh Rank – Ranjani Ramesh


Seventh Rank – Shilpa H
Ninth Rank – Indra Bhushan Kumar
Tenth rank – Sharanya S Rajan


First Rank – Murugappan M
Second Rank – Kumar Arpan


First Rank – K N Ashwini
Second Rank – Sumanth M N

PRINTING Technology got 2 ranks

First Rank – Amit Chauhan
Second Rank – Anshul

IAA congratulates all the above RANK students

GO BMSites !!!

BMS Rulz !!!

IAA Committee

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OUR almamater BMSCE photos

Posted by bmsceiaa on January 12, 2007

BMSCE Photos Album

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Dept. of Info Science :: GENESIS 2006

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Dept. of Info Science


” Life is made up of inches … With inches in every facet of life, we need to surge ahead together adding all these inches in a combined effort “

So to get acquainted with the ultimate team effort, come experience GENESIS 2006
Hosted in the serene and becalming BMSCE campus, this one day techno-cultural extravaganza attracts around 2000 participants every year. The best in the city and nearby areas come to experience the ultimate thrill – GENESIS!

EVENT Co-Ordinator E-mail ID

The Laughter Challenge Namrata Arora

General Quiz Shreyas MR

Recruit Puneet

Paper Presentation Netravathi

Coding & Debugging Aashish Gupta

Debate Lakshmi Hari

Online Treasure Hunt Harsha Hegde

Dance Harshita

Anthakshari Poorvi Nayak

Gaming Karthik

Online Collage Gyanesh Jha

Bangalore Treasure Hunt Nithish


General Queries

H. S. Guruprasad


Dept. of Information Science


Phone No: 98455-16780

L. Suresh

Assistant professor

Dept. of Information Science


Phone No: 98456-41785

Ashok Kumar

Assistant professor

Dept. of Information Science


Phone No: 98452-81049


Genesis 2005

Rains had decided to become a part of Bangalorean life and the people feared them even more, just even Genesis was scheduled.
29th October 2005.
A crowd exceeding 1000 marched into the premises of BMSCE for a momentous and much anticipated event Genesis-05. 10 events took their unique and characteristic look to entertain the valued guests. Despite the pervious obstructive behaviour by the rain gods and the holidays, participants from various corners of Karnataka arrived.
The different events were equally esteemed.

Technical events included:
Paper presentation
Coding and debugging

Cultural events included:

Informal events included:
Online treasure hunt
Online collage

Every contest was well organised and the critics were delighted with the fabulous co-ordination. The splendid prize for each event and the concepts used made the crowd applauding all the more. The informal quiz was also a key event. The fest attracted people from all walks of life and fields. It was truly a miracle by the climate that blessed the day with absolutely no sign of showers. With the remarkable sponsors, infinite help by staff and students of the department the event rose to greater heights.
As the day ended, every eye looked forward to share another day with the BMSCE-ISE department, rejoicing and celebrating Genesis again

Genesis 2004

“Yesterday’s wonderful moments, have become today’s cherished moments.”

Genesis 2004 – Our endeavor to provide an opportunity to identify to nurture true skill and talent not only experienced the bliss of success but has served as the motivation behind genesis 2005.

Genesis 2004 had a repertoire of events. Coding edge, paper presentation , collage , Quiz , Debate , Treasure Hunt , Recruit , Gaming , e-Samwad. Each of these was a crowd puller with the ‘ best bettering their best! ‘ . The success of Genesis 2004 is attributed to its ever supporting sponsors, the participation of the student community and the efforts of the staff and students of department of ISE, BMS college of Engineering.

Genesis 2003

Genesis 2003 was the first ever inter-collegiate fest held by the Information Science branch of BMSCE.
Here’s a report from our senior’s about the Genesis 2003..

The Department of Information Science and Engineering (I.S.E.) of the B.M.S. College of Engineering recently held their first ever inter-collegiate fest on 23 October 2003.
The techno-cultural extravaganza had Mr.M.Basavaraju, the Vice President of Atria Convergence Technologies as Chief Guest and comprised of six technical and three cultural events which were as follows :

1) Paper Presentation – d Tech freak’s opportunity to show off
2) Coding Edge – d Programmed to Program
3) Interface – d Panel discussion wit d Industry
4) Temple of Doom – d Tech. Treasure Hunt
5) Mindsport – d Quizzers Ring
6) Carnage – d Gamer’s Arena


1) 2 Left Feet – When they burnt the Dance floor
2) Mad Ads – When they got Insaaaaane!
3) In’verse – When they mesmerized with melody

All the events had eminent personalities as their judges which included prominent authors like Mr. Padma Reddy, Mr.Nandagopal, Dr.K.Uday Kumar and Mr. Umashankar.

The tech freaks sure enjoyed showing off their technical prowess at the Paper Presentation where the topics varied from fuzzy logic to xsp trees. The programmers sure had their thinking caps on for the Coding Edge as they had to sit up and answer the bits framed by the best in the league.

The highlight of the fest was the Interface or rather the e-Samvad. This innovative concept of the panel discussion between the industry and the campus thrilled all. The intellectuals sure had a gala time listening to voices from the big guns such as IBM, Infosys and Microsoft. While Mr.Subramanya ( an ex-BMScean) from Infosys set the tone for the hour emphasizing that we, Indians are the best and destined to lead the world in the I.T. corridors. Mr.Sandeep Menon from IBM enlightened all with his tips on the emergent Linux platform and ” Wave-Spotting ” techniques. Mr.Janaki Ram, represented Mr. Gates’ Microsoft and their latest methodologies and trends were discussed. The three of them represented the industry but were taken to task in the end by the renown academician, Dr. Rajnikant, the HOD of I.S.E. at the MSRIT.

The Temple of Doom, had its worshippers praying to the Almighty to help them secure the treasure chest as they traversed the treacherous boundaries imposed by the protectors. indsport, had its contestants begging for mercy with the queries testing their senses to the core. The Carnage locked in participants for a whole … hours, initially requiring contestants to prove that speed doesn’t kill and then later, those who didn’t fall prey to the speeds had to battle it out, ensuring the survival of only the fittest.

The technical events had created such a frenzy about them that the cultural events were welcomed by one and all. The Mad Ads proved to be a great tension reliever with the crowds throwing caution to the air, jostling for space to catch a glimpse of the nonsensical laugh riot. In’verse! Your senses must have been blessed if you had the honor of listening to those talented artistes belting out the most cherished tracks from the Indian music segments. 2 Left feet ? The dance troupes had just one message, Definitely Not us with the two left feet. The energy on stage provided ample proof of how charged they were to win at the best campus!
Over whelmed by the turn out of over 500 students from all over Karnataka had flocked to the college premises to just participate in the various events of the fest held by the No. 1 Engineering Department in the state. This led to a doubt in the minds of the faculty pertaining to other departments who sought the advice of their counterparts in the I.S.E. as to whether ” Is it the College Fest or a Department Fest? ” then apprised that it was the I.S.E. fest, they echoed the sentiments of their colleagues from other colleges alike seeking the Department’s cooperation in organising a similar event.

The faculties probably gave in to the students requests clamouring for more as the events rolled by in quick succession. Most students were dejected when they were told that the fest lasted only for the day but were glad to see the ray of light, with the possibility of getting a day or two more next year.The corporate personnel confessed about having heard the BMSCE brimming with talent but they had underestimated the magnitude by always categorising it into their respective fields of interests. They said they had no choice but to leave the premises with words of praise and admired the department’s efforts in organising such an event.

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BLITZKRIEG by EEE Department

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Date: Thu, 4 Nov 2004 19:26:24 EST
Subject: IAA need to do anything on this BLITZKRIEG by EEE Dept of BMSCE ?


National level Technical Affair being conducted by

Dept. of Electrical & Electronics Engg. B.M.S. College of Engineering




B.M.S. College of Engineering         

Dept. Electrical & Electronics                                                                              

Bangalore – 560 019


Head of Department       

Mr. Ravishankar Deekshit


Mrs.P.Meena Menon

98867 50959



98453 70429


Student Co-ordinators



98862 09249


98454 09299


98863 55788


98867 72026



27th Nov 2K4

About Our College


A visionary and philanthropist Sri B.M.Sreenivasiah started

B.M.S. College of Engineering, the first private engineering college in the

entire country in 1946.


A man of vision, Sri B.M.Sreenivasiah had foreseen the urgent need for providing

good educational facilities and pioneered to set up a first grade technical college

and maintain the same with his own resources. His son, Sri B.S.Narayan nurtured

and developed this college for nearly five decades.


Today, our college has the highest number of technical courses being offered in the state.


Our college has been rendering excellent service in the field of technical education.

It offers sixteen undergraduate courses as well as masters courses in engineering,

computer applications and management.


The department of Electrical and Electronics, one of the oldest branches in the college,

was started in 1946, and is into its 57th year now. It offers Undergraduate courses,

Masters and Doctorate in Electrical and Electronics Engineering.

Alumni of this department are far flung and occupy important positions in

various organizations throughout the world.


In these days of rat race and stiff competition, it is obligatory on everybody’s part

not only to maintain excellent academic standards but also improvise on them

so as to adapt oneself to the fast changing scenario.


As a step towards achieving this goal, the department of Electrical and Electronics

plans to organize a national level inter-collegiate, technical affair,

which goes by the name “BLITZKRIEG”, on the 27th of November 2004.

This is a sequel to Blitzkrieg 02, which was a grand success attracting more than

3000 participants. It will serve as a platform for students from all over the

state to showcase their technical skills. Besides these events,

the fest will also provide an opportunity for students to interact with

leading personalities from various industries.














Sir / Madam,


We would be pleased if you sponsor BLITZKRIEG a Technical Fest to be held on the 27th of November 2004 , as a main sponsor or a co- sponsor. This fest is open to all Engineering and Science colleges in Karnataka.


As a main sponsor you will be entitled to the following:

·        Fest would be named after the main sponsor.

·        All official communiqué would bear the sponsor’s name and logo.

(Posters, invites, brochures, certificates, advertisements, etc.)

·        Advertising area for banners at all strategic locations in the college.

·        Area provided for advertising products.

·        Options to address the students about your company’s activities.

·        Main stage backdrop.


As a co-sponsor you will be entitled to the following:  


·        All official communiqué would bear the co-sponsor’s name and logo.

(Posters, invites, brochures, certificates, advertisements, etc.)

·        Advertising area for banners at all strategic locations in the college.

·        Area provided for advertising products.

·        Options to address the students about your company’s activities.


                                                        Thanking you,

                                                        Yours sincerely,



Bangalore                                        RAVISHANKAR DEEKSHIT

Date:                                               (H.O.D. Electrical & Electronics)







Main sponsor

Sponsorship amount            :  INR 30,000/-


As a main sponsor you will be entitled to the following


Fest would be named after the main sponsor

·        All official communiqué would bear the sponsor’s name and logo.(posters, invite, certificate, advertisements, etc)

·        Advertising area for banners at all strategic locations in the college.

·        Options to address the students about your company’s activities.

·        The participation card will bear the sponsors logo and name.



Sponsorship amount            :   INR  20,000/-


As a co-sponsor you will be entitled to following

  • All official communiqué would bear the sponsors name and logo.
  • Advertising area for banners at all strategic locations in the college.
  • Options to address the students about your company’s activities.
  • The participation card will bear the co-sponsors logo and name.


Event sponsor

Sponsorship amount                        :     INR  15,000/


As an Event sponsor you will be entitled to following

  • Event would be named after the event sponsor.
  • Advertising by banners at event location.
  • All the stationary in the event would bear the event sponsors  name and logo.

Only Stall:

 Sponsorship Amount                       :     INR 5,000/-


As a stall owner you will be entitled to following  :                      

A stall is installed at a strategic location near the event.

A banner is provided in the stall containing the stall sponsors name and logo.


Only Banner:

 Sponsorship amount                        :     INR 3,000/-



    As a banner sponsor you may be entitled to the following:


Advertising by a maximum of 3 banners around the event location.






 CONAISSANCE  TECNICA     Paper Presentation              


 INNOVATE                                  Project Exhibition


JUST FIX IT!!                    Circuit Debugging


‘C’rack ‘IT’                                – C  programming contest 


–      DEXTER                                       Aptitude& mock Interview


 Hell-Gate® 2004                         Gaming


 SKILLS                                   On the spot Project

 BOLTI BANDH             Dumb Charades




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Genesis -2004 and IEM

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Genesis -2004

From: “Mallikharjuna babu”
Subject: RE: [BMSCE-IAA] ISE department’s GENESIS 2004 was conducted in October 2004
Date: Thu, 18 Nov 2004 14:46:03 +0000

Thanks for your response. As i have already promised, I will do my best to show case all the events. I also agree with you.

Best Regards…


Vice Principal & Head of IEM
B M S College of Engineering
Bangalore-560 019
Office Ph]080-26622130-35
Direct Ph]080-26615395
Mobile Ph]98860 21095

>From: Venkatappa Kumaraswamy

>To: Mallikharjuna babu


>Subject: RE: [BMSCE-IAA] ISE department’s GENESIS 2004 was conducted in October 2004

>Date: Wed, 17 Nov 2004 08:53:46 -0800 (PST)

> >Dear Dr. Mallikarjuna Babu,

> >Thanks for your letter. Good to know that IEM has also organised One Technical event titled CALIFACTION. IAA would like to know more about it.

IAA did not know about that. BMSites did not know about that. If we ALUMNI’s do not know that how the others will know about it what BMSCE is doing ????

IS it mentioned any where in the BMSCE College website ? How are you going to get BMSCE into prominence if WE do not show what we have and share what we do ?

That is the reason , why IAA is there to work with BMSCE to coordinate these kinds of things. These should be know to all persons that BMSCE is doing these things.

BMSCE did UTSAV 04 in May 2004. Where do we have all the information what BMS Students and BMSCE Staff did to show it to GLOABL PERSONS ? Where do we have it ? BMSCE had UTSAV for a long time. BMSCE does not have anything show for people what each year did. THis needs to be arried for ever on the BMSCE website or IAA website. BMSCE and IAA need to work together to get this corrected and do the right things for teh benefit of BMSCE, BMS Students and BMSCE Management. IAA wants to establish this with the help of BMSCE Staff like you and others.

BMSCE’s different HoD’s and It’s staff need to work with IAA_DEpartment Committees to get things in place so that each department activities are recognised and made sure it is properl publisied in BMSCE website and IAA website, SO THAT it is going to become a GLOBAL BMSCE and IAA work. This will make BMSites who are located globaly to realte to their alma mater. IAA is doing ath now to help BMSCE.

There are somany things BMSCE and IAA can work together for the benefit of BMSCE and also for the benefit ALUMNI and BMS Studenst. WE all can discuss this openly

If you have questions on this, please write to me.

Let us work together in BMSCE and IAA.



V. M. Kumaraswamy

Executive Director BMSCE IAA

Graduate of BMSCE 1971 Batch


Mallikharjuna babu <> wrote:

This is to inform you that our students (IEM) have organised a one Technical event titled CALIFACTION.

Shortly i will put all the details of the event.

Best regards…


Vice Principal & Head of IEM

B M S College of Engineering

Bangalore-560 019

Office Ph]080-26622130-35


Direct Ph]080-26615395

Mobile Ph]98860 21095

From: “bmscealumni”



>Subject: [BMSCE-IAA] ISE department’s GENESIS 2004 was conducted in October 2004

>Date: Tue, 16 Nov 2004 17:17:52 -0000

> > > >Dear IAA members and BMSites,

> >Genesis -2004

> >Genesis -2004

> >The Department of Information Science and Engineering of BMS College of Engineering recently organised `TCS Genesis 2004′. The fest was open to the students of all the colleges in the city. Prof Ranganath Shetty, regional officer of VTU was the Chief Guest of the fest. In all 11 events were held at the TCS Genesis including mindsport, coding edge (programme to Xion), carnage (gamer’s arena) interface and many others. Eminent persons from renowned IT companies addressed the students of the Software as well as the Networking

sectors. There were over a thousand registrations for the fest and the Corporates were spell bound by the organisational skills of the hosts.

IAA is proud to announce this to all BMSites

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BMSCE – The Department of Telecommunication Engineering

Posted by bmsceiaa on November 17, 2006

BMSCE – The Department of Telecommunication Engineering

The department was established in 1986 under the guidance of Dr.A.Sreenivasan, who pioneered the Telecom Education in the state. 

    The infrastructure of the department include Advance Communication Lab, Base Band Communication Lab and Carrier Communication Lab. The practical exposure to Analog Communication ,Microwave Communication, Antennas, Digital Communication and Optical Communication help students to get tuned into new technologies.

    Students are also trained in software as they learn the skills of C++, MAT LAB, AHDL and Embedded Controller Techniques.

Programs Offered

U.G.- B.E. in Telecommunication Engineering


Name Of Staff



Dr.B.S.Nagabhushana Assistant Professor & HOD M.Tech., Ph.D.
Kanmani B. Assistant Professor M.E.(Ph.D.)
Srinivas Rao N. Lecturer M.E.
Arathi R. Shankar Lecturer M.E.
Akhila S. Lecturer M.E.
 Jayanthi K. Murthy Lecturer M.E.
Gowra P.S. Lecturer M.Tech.
Rajeshwari M. Hegde. Lecturer M.E.

Technical & Administrative Staff

   Assistant Instructors

        Jayashubha J., D.E.C.

        Bhagyalakshmi L., D.Elns.

        Sujatha U., ITI, NCVT


        Venkatesh M.S., (NCVT)


        Tukaram T.M; Devaraj G.K & Jagannath N.


  • Advance Communication Lab

  • Digital Lab

  • Base Band Communication Lab

  • Carrier Communication Lab

These Labs are being utilized by the students of Electronics, CSE., ISE and Telecom in various semesters. The practical exposure to Analog Communication, Microwave Communication, Antennas, Digital Communications and Optical Communication help the students to get tuned to new technologies. Students are also trained in software as they learn the skills of C++, MATLAB, AHDL and Embedded Controller Techniques.


The students are placed in high profile companies and academic institutes.

Every year about 20% of the students go abroad for higher studies


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The Department of Manufacturing Science/Engineering

Posted by bmsceiaa on November 17, 2006

The Department of Manufacturing Science/Engineering

Amongst many sectors that decide on the country’s growth, advancement and economical status, Manufacturing is one of the most important areas. The quality and standard of living depend on essentials and luxuries. All in all, right from a tablespoon to an airplane and a crowbar to a modern sophisticated machine center, name it and it has to be manufactured.

            With this necessity of industry in mind, the Manufacturing Enginee ring, course was established in the year 1992. Six batches of students have qualified so far and are well placed in industries and institutions of prominence for higher education in India and abroad.

            The students of the department are trained in specialized areas of application such as CAD, CAM, Robotics, Artificial Intelligence and Expert Systems, FMS, Networking, Operating Systems and Tool design, etc., to meet the demands of the present day manufacturing industries.

            The Club of Manufacturing Engineersencourages students to develop their overall personality by organizing Lecture series, competitions and Cultural activities.

            The department has committed faculty comprising of a Professor, an Assistant Professor and Six lecturers, with expertise in the fields of Design Engineering, Foundry, Production Engineering and System technology, Manufacturing Engineering, CAD / CAM, Robotics etc.,

            A fully equipped welding lab, state of art FMS, CNC Turing center, CNC Milling center, 3 Robots and a conveyer and all the allied application software packages are available with the department.   

            On the whole, when Manufacturing Engineering is growing by leaps and bounds, the department is fully geared to meet the challenges and supply trained professionals to the industry.

Programs Offered

U.G.-  B.E. in Manufacturing Engineering


Name Of Staff



Vinod C. Aralimatti Assistant Professor & Head M. Tech.
Srinivas S Senior Lecturers M. Tech.
Ramachandra M Senior Lecturers M. Tech.
Prasad K.N.P Senior Lecturers M. Tech.
Shashikumar G Lecturer M.E.
Ramji B.R Lecturer M. Tech.
Bharathi V Lecturer M. Tech.

   Assistant Instructor

          Shanmukhananda V., D.C.Sc.


       Ravi G., D.E&C.Sc.; Muruga P.K., I.T.I


       Manjunath G.; Venkateshappa V.; Shivanna B.K.


Laboratories CAD/CAM/Robotics Lab, Applied Electronics and Microprocessor Lab., Welding Lab.
Other Facilities Departmental Library



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The Department of Electrical and Electronics Engineering

Posted by bmsceiaa on November 17, 2006

The Department of Electrical and Electronics Engineering

The department was started in the year 1946 when BMSCE was established.  Since then, the department has seen excellent faculty members and is a matter of great pride to mention that some of the retired professors from our department are in high posts in other institutions. It offers a PG Course in Power Electronics which was started during the year 1992.

  The department is well equipped with well qualified,committed,interactive & friendly faculty members with the following specializations: Power systems, Power Electronics, H.V. Engg.

The department has a library with about 600 important books for the benefit of both students & staff.

Programs Offered

U.G.- B.E. in Electrical Engineering. P.G.- M.Tech. in Power Electronics. R&D- M.Sc. Engineering by research & Ph.D


Name Of Staff



Ravi Shankar Dixit Assistant Professor and HOD M.E., (Ph.D.)
S. Ramanand Assistant Professor M.E.
Lakshmi Narayana C. Assistant Professor M.E.
D. Ramesh Kumar Selection Grade Lecturer M.E.
Dr. L. Venkatesh Selection Grade Lecturer M.E., Ph.D.
Santharam Senior Lecturer M.Tech
P. Meena Senior Lecturer M.E.
V. Champa Lecturer M.E.
K. Padmavathi Lecturer M.E.
A.N. Nagashree Lecturer M.E.
Pradeepa S. Lecturer M.E.
R.S. Geetha Lecturer M.E

  Technical and Administration Staff

        Assistant Instructors


            D.T. Shivakumar Swamy, D.E.E.

            Geetha N., D.T.C.E.

            Selvan K., ITI

            Shivaraju R.M. NCVT


            Ranjan Kumar N., D.C.Sc.


            B.C. Narayana; S.Venkatesh; Arun Kumar Singh

            Sukumaran P.R. and Ramamurthy J.


Laboratory Facilities

  • Electrical Machines Lab
  • Digital Electronic Circuits Lab
  • Relay and High Voltage Lab
  • Electrical Circuits and Measurements Lab
  •  Microprocessors Lab
  •  Analog Electronic Circuits Lab
  • Power Electronics Lab
  •  Control Systems Lab
  • Computer Center
  •  Simulation Lab

Library Facilities

The Department library has:

  • Text/Reference Books   810 Titles
  • Project Reports             1998 – 2003
  • Seminar Reports            3 Years


Centers of excellence VTU Recognized R&D Center
Consultancy Testing and consultancy in areas of High Voltage and Power Electronics
Ongoing Projects    AICTE-“MODROBS”


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THE Department of Instrumentation Engineering

Posted by bmsceiaa on November 17, 2006

THE Department of Instrumentation Engineering

The department was established in 1991 under eminent guidance of Prof. D. V. L. Narayan to provide a revolutionary step towards industrial development by means of bridging the gap between man and machine through an interface provided by system automation and control engineering.

The set target is achieved by well developed and well equipped infrastructure which includes laboratories in the following disciplines of Instrumentation and Transducers, Digital Signal Processing, Microcontrolers, Process Control, Control Systems, PCB Fabrication and Microprocessor. Students are offered technical training in assembly language coding for DSP and embedded systems, MATLAB for Control Systems, Process Control, and Digital Image Processing, CADSTAR for PCB Fabrication etc.,

The department has well qualified, dedicated and competent team of faculty members who inspire the students in academic performance and personal growth.

The department has obtained a total grant of Rs. 13.6 lakhs from AICTE under various project schemes.

The department regularly organizes guest lectures, technical training and workshops for faculty members and students of the department. The department also extends Lab and training facilities to students of other departments. 

The department to its credit has a full-fledged library with several important textbooks of Indian & Foreign authors and Handbooks. 

The dedication and the hard work of the staff members has propelled the students towards new carrier opportunities. Our students have found placements in Infosys, Wipro, IBM, Motorola, TCS, ABB, Yokogawa Blue Star, Philips, ISRO, Lucent Technologies and Sonata. The student have brought applause to the department by securing ranks at the university level and even by getting admission offers in the foreign universities.    

The ultimate objective of the department is to play an instrumental role in bringing forth professionally competent engineers to the technical field.

Programs Offered

U.G.- B.E. in Instrumentation Technology


Name Of Staff



Usha R. 

 Sr. Lecturer & HOD

Narasimha Rao K. Assistant Professor M.E.
Veena N. Hegde.. Lecturer M.E.
Mamatha M.N.. Lecturer M.E.
Uday kumar.  Lecturer B.E.(M.E)
Preethi K. Mani. Lecturer B.E.,(M.E)
Santhosh R. Desai,  Lecturer B.E.,(M.E)



        Yamuna Devi S.,D.I.T.


        Venkatesha J.


        Ramesha G. & Siddaiah


  1.  Instrumentation Lab with Hi-Tech equipments

  2. PLC and storage Oscilloscope

  3. Enhanced Microprocessor Lab

  4. PIC/80C51 Micro controllers Lab

  5. Digital Signal Processing Lab

  6. Library book facility for Staff and Students.

  • Introduction of Computer assisted teaching methods

  • Establishment of fully equipped facility for development of skills in VLSI and ASICS design

  • Establishment of a center of proficiency in DSP applications

  • Using state of the art teaching and demo aids

  • Establishment of research facility in Cursive Script Recognition

  • Modernization of Electronics Laboratory

  • Establishment of System simulation facility

  • Research facility in the area of characterization of High Speed Optical Networks

The Principle strengths of our Department are :

  • Dedicated faculty

  • Faculty expertise in most emerging areas

  • Fiber Optics facility

  • Computing facility

  • DSP facility

  • VLSI design facility


  • Projects under thrust areas / emerging areas

  • Modernization and removal of obsolescence

  • Research and development

  • Industry-Institute interaction


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