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Posted by bmsceiaa on December 3, 2006 Nagesh Krishnarajanagar

about me:  Later.. Manju Arasaiah
Chandler, AZ

about me:  Kannadiga, Dr Raj fan, loves family and friends… 🙂 loves music Vijay Venkatesh
Phoenix, Arizona

about me:  I’ma dude that takes life eeezzey and Metal quite seriously. $haron Je$u.
Tempe, Arizona

about me:  Alright now listen very carefully, I might have a girl’s name, but be very sure that the similarities end there. Sameer MV
Tempe, AZ

about me:  Bangalore guy in Arizona doing phd in Electrical Engg. Vasantha Madhava
Phoenix, AZ

about me:  find out for yourself. Chandrashekhar T PS
Phoenix, Arizona

about me:  I am very fuindooooooooooo and coooooooooooooooooool guy Dhanur .. Album updated !!
Phoenix, Arizona

about me:  — DREAM BIG But Have an ACTION to Achieve it !! —— I bargained with Life for a penny, And Life … Sudheendra M S
Phoenix, Arizona

about me:  I do not speak about myself. Ofcourse you can 🙂 Rashmi Shankar
Tempe, Arizona


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