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IAA Washington State {Seattle, Bellview etc}

Posted by bmsceiaa on December 3, 2006 Jayaprakash Nair
Seattle, WA Vinit Jain
Redmond, Wa

about me:  well…currently working in Seattle . Looking to catch up with old frenz and wont mind making new onez Lights ouT ನಾಗೇಶ್ ಅರಸ್
Seattle / Bellevue, Washington

about me:  Destiny’s Beeeeyaaatch! I don’t know what i want but i will only do what i want. Awestruck,i am always in awe of my friends … Ishdeep Sawhney
Redmond, WA

about me:  All men dream but not equally. Those who dream by night in the dusty recesses of their minds wake in the day to find that it was vanity; … Jay Ramesh
Little Rock, AR

about me:  … Liger is…its a cross b/wa Lion and a Tiger, bred for it’s magical properties … Vinay Rao
Seattle, WA

about me:  I am a fun loving person and like the way I am…….. Ravi BG
Bellevue, WA Shilpa Anand
seattle, WA

about me:  Looking to connect with old friends and meet new people. I shuttle between Seattle and NY. Suraj P
Seattle, WA Sharat Visweswara
Seattle, WA Sumithra Bhakthavatsalam
Seattle, WA

about me:  I am here to keep in touch with friends/acquaintances, and get in touch with old friends, rather than make new friends. Sudarshan Raghavan
Newcastle, WA Nitin Agarwal
Redmond, WA

about me:  A fine gentleman ;). Please DO NOT add me as a friend if you don’t know me. Ofcourse this doesn’t apply to hotties … Namita Prakash
Seattle, WA


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IAA Virginia/Virginia Beach

Posted by bmsceiaa on December 3, 2006 Rashmi PuttaswamyGowda
Vienna, Virginia

about me:  cool n’ friendly Sudeep Suresh
Virginia Beach, VA

hometown:  Virginia Beach



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IAA Masschusets [Boston area]

Posted by bmsceiaa on December 3, 2006

Kiran Murthy will lead IAA MASS. He can be reached at or 508 333 7483

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IAA Indiana

Posted by bmsceiaa on December 3, 2006

Anand will lead IAA Indiana. He can be contacted at 812-377-8432. Email :

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IAA Texas

Posted by bmsceiaa on December 3, 2006 swarupa shivananda
Plano Kapil Bathla
Houston, Texas

about me:  Read Below.. … .. . Did not find anything… well then,,,stop wasting your time..dude/ … Nethra Subramanya
College Station, TX Ramesh Raja
Richardson, TX The French – Prashanth Guha
Dallas, Texas

about me:  I am too good at boasting. So I better not start off 🙂 -=|Þ®ä§|-|äñ†|-| … Gautam Singh
H-Town, Tex-Ass

about me:  ~Gangsta~ Chinmayi Krishnappa
Austin, Texas Praveen P.S.
Arlington, TX

about me:  No Description Madhvi Agarwal
Irving, Texas Avinash Raghavendra
Richardson, Texas vidya shetty
austin, tx Shruthi Satyanarayan
Arlington, TX

about me:  Sensitive… Neeraj Thimmaiah
Houston, TX

about me:  anything I write here will soon be outdated so let me not boast nor have myself underrated Life is all about constant change its in our hands to decide on … Smitha KR
Richardson, TX

about me:  Que Sera Sera… Anjana Nataraja
college station, texas

about me:  cool gal Siddarth Kalasapur
Dallas, TX

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IAA Arizona

Posted by bmsceiaa on December 3, 2006 Nagesh Krishnarajanagar

about me:  Later.. Manju Arasaiah
Chandler, AZ

about me:  Kannadiga, Dr Raj fan, loves family and friends… 🙂 loves music Vijay Venkatesh
Phoenix, Arizona

about me:  I’ma dude that takes life eeezzey and Metal quite seriously. $haron Je$u.
Tempe, Arizona

about me:  Alright now listen very carefully, I might have a girl’s name, but be very sure that the similarities end there. Sameer MV
Tempe, AZ

about me:  Bangalore guy in Arizona doing phd in Electrical Engg. Vasantha Madhava
Phoenix, AZ

about me:  find out for yourself. Chandrashekhar T PS
Phoenix, Arizona

about me:  I am very fuindooooooooooo and coooooooooooooooooool guy Dhanur .. Album updated !!
Phoenix, Arizona

about me:  — DREAM BIG But Have an ACTION to Achieve it !! —— I bargained with Life for a penny, And Life … Sudheendra M S
Phoenix, Arizona

about me:  I do not speak about myself. Ofcourse you can 🙂 Rashmi Shankar
Tempe, Arizona

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IAA New Jersey

Posted by bmsceiaa on December 3, 2006 Abishek Bogaram —–>;;
Melville/Iselin, NY/NJ

about me:  Check FOTO album . . . cool,calm,composed Manish Mittal
Jersey City, NJ

about me:  Have browsed thru so many one liners but none of them aptly describes here goes an original one from me “An emotional fool who easily … vikas goel
Randolph, New Jersey Rohini Prasad
Jersey city, New Jersey Sarath Joseph
Jersey City, NJ

about me:  Exceptionally good, that now I dont have the heart to be any more good…. Sundar Venkataraman
United States

about me:  … volunteer : I’m involved with the Asha Central NJ chapter : http://www.ashanet. … vinamra singhania
Somerset, New Jersey Saurabh Chowdhary
Jersey City, NJ

about me:  Let others judge me….. Prateek Kotak
Hoboken, NJ Avinash Talanki
Pine Brook, New Jersey

about me:  Love to freak out. Always prefer to “take it easy”. Ashish Nagpal
Plainsboro, NJ Ashwin Kashyap
Plainsboro, NJ Sathya N
Edison, New Jersey

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IAA Florida

Posted by bmsceiaa on December 3, 2006 Anurag Sharma
Gainesville, Florida Vijay Krishna
Gainesville, FL Padduuu….. A
Bangalore/Fort Lauderdale, Florida

about me:  hhmmmmmmm……….. don’t know….. still u want to know, then see my … mahesh mutha
Fort Lauderdale, Florida

about me:  🙂 Shashikiran Prabhakar
Gainesville, FL

about me:  I see myself as a huge fiery comet, a shooting star. Everyone stops, points up and gasps “Oh look at that!” Then – whoosh … Aruna A
Weston, Florida

about me:  Life is short, make it sweet! Be happy 🙂


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IAA New York

Posted by bmsceiaa on December 3, 2006 Roopa Shivaprasad
Astoria, New York

about me:  Still finding my place on the planet…I’ve moved around alot. I’ve come full circle, back to the Big Apple and … Pradeep Raman
Buffalo, New York

about me:  Too bored to write anything about self. Nikhil Hegde
Hicksville, NY Rohan Grover
Buffalo, NY

about me:  I am lazy, bored and tired of living in Buffalo. Help me get out. -Gave up a 5 figure salary for boredom and suffering. – … Srinivas Prasad
Ithaca, NY

hometown:  Ithaca, NY Vinay Kolar
Binghamton, NY Rathan Agasthya ರಥನ್ ಅಗಸ್ತ್ಯ
Oswego, New York

about me:  I don’t give a damn about it Somika Shetty
Astoria, NY Yogish Kumar
Buffalo, New York

about me:  Education is killing me! Srinivas Prasad
Buffalo, NY

about me:  manku timma Kiran R.K
Ithaca, NY Pranjal Shah
Buffalo, NY Chaitanya Atreya
New York, New York

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IAA Southern California

Posted by bmsceiaa on December 2, 2006

V. M. Kumaraswamy – 1971 Graduating CIVIL Batch, 949-857-8578,

Rajeev Seetharam (136)
Los Angeles, CA

Arabhi N (153)

Manish Bathija (180)
Los Angeles, California

Venkatappa Kumaraswamy (20)
Irvine, California

Dileep Vasthare (175)
Anaheim, CA

Avinash K (147)
Los Angeles, CA

Sunil Ramaiah (110)
San Diego, CA

Raj Mankad (159)
San Diego, California

Rashmi Chandrasekhar (94)
Los Angeles, CA

Sandeep Hebbar (152)
Garden Grove, California

Chetan Nagaraj (205)
Tustin, CA

Ravi Sathish (65)
San Diego, Ca

apratim . (55)

Lavanya Krishnan (162)
Irvine, CA

Anoop Mohan (28)
San Diego, CA

Gaurav Agarwal (84)

Preeti Mohan (28)
San Diego, CA

Khadir Ahmed (202)
Los Angeles, California

Deepak Krishnamoorthi (126)
Los Angeles, California

Los Angeles, California

rishabh comin to india!!! (82)
los angeles, california

Deepa Rajamani (62)
Irvine, CA

Anoop Rajendra (60)
San Diego, CA

Karthik Mudaliar (28)
Los Angeles, CA

Rishi Bhammar (64)
Pasadena, CA

Jyotsna Vijay (74)
San Diego, CA

Vijayaraghavan Srinivasan (2)
Ventura, California

Deepak Chandra (91)
San Diego, CA

Abhiiiiiiiiiiiii hmmmmm (83)
Los Angeles, California

Deepthi Pavagada (132)
San Diego, CA

Sriram Rajan (13)
Los Angeles

LARGER Than L.I.F.E. (126)
Anaheim, California

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