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IAA Seminar – Network Embedded Systems

Posted by bmsceiaa on August 20, 2009

B. M. S. College of Engineering, International Alumni Association
BMSCE IAA by TEAM effort reaching out to BMS ALUMNI’s across
Together Everyone Achieves More ” TEAM ”

Hello Students and  Alumni’s of BMSCE.
Seminar – Network Embedded Systems
Dr. Shivakumar Sastry
Associate Professor
of Electrical and Computer Engg.
University of Akron, United States
Topic: “Networked Embedded Systems”

Date: August 21st 2009


Time: 10:00 AM
Place: BMSCE Library Auditorium
Contact: Smt. G. Poornima, HOD- Electronics Engg.
98861 04485
This is V.  M.  Kumaraswamy from 1971 BMSCE Graduating Batch.

BMSCE IAA Website: 




EMAIL ::, Phone: 949-302-8841 [USA]
Year 2009 is SILVER JUBILEE YEAR for Graduates of BMSCE 1979-1984 Batch of Students from BMS College of Engineering.  BMSCE IAA has contacted several ALUMNI’s of this batch.
Here is a letter from one of the ALUMNI from 1979-1984 batch:
Hello Mr. Kumarswamy
This is an excellent idea. I’m a graduate in the 1979-84 (last semester) batch. I’m happy to serve on the committee and help with the organization.
In addition, I have been wondering if there will be an opportunity to assist in improving curriculum and education at BMSCE. If you have some ideas along these lines, please advice.
Best regards,
Shivakumar Sastry, Ph.D.
Associate Professor
Department of Electrical and Computer Engineering
The University of Akron, Akron OH 44325-3904

Welcome to the World of BMSCE IAA !
BMSCE IAA:: “Coming together is a beginning, staying together is progress and working together is success.” Henry Ford
Today’s students are tomorrow’s Alumni
The BMSCE IAA is an organization of dedicated alumni’s and supporters committed in facilitating a fruitful interaction among alumni and current students for continuing development, in enriching the BMSCE experience for the current students, in fostering support to the Alma mater. BMSCEIAA hopes to achieve this through several programs instituted specifically to achieve this objective.
BMSCEIAA is a platform for current students and alumni to interact, inform and invest in their Alma Mater. BMSCEIAA contributes ideas and funding for programs, services and professional development opportunities that will help shape the future of the institution. BMSCEIAA includes more than three thousand alumni from BMSCE from as far back as the 50’s who graduated from the Engineering, Management and Pure Sciences disciplines. Becoming an active member of this association provides an individual a selfless way to give back to the college and a way to reconnect with fellow alumni as well as current students. BMSCEIAA believes and thrives on teamwork. Alumni and current students serve on different alumni interest groups, departmental committees, and affiliate programs. Members not only work tirelessly on spreading the word around about the association and the college and recruiting new members but also providing intellectual stimulation in the form of discussion forums, exchange of ideas and instituting Scholarships and Assistantships.
IAA Motto
The alumni owes it to their alma mater to come back and interact with students.
Through IAA , alumni can discharge their obligation towards their college.
Alumni’s to take sense of pride and responsibility for doing good things at BMSCE
IAA shall build a strong fraternity helping each other and the future alumni (present students)
IAA Aims and Objectives
To continue to serve the interests of BMS College of Engineering and its alumni.
Promote a spirit of fellowship and loyalty among the alumni
Provide a continuous flow of information on the progress and needs of the BMSCE and Students,
Encourage united alumni support for its advancement.
To promote mentoring programs that guide the BMSCE students about jobs and careers and help them build their professional networks.
To provide scholarships/financial assistance to deserving students of BMSCE
To organize social get-togethers for alumni
To take up community programs like providing education to illiterates, under-privileged etc.
To contact all BMSCE Alumni’s from all Batches, Years, Branches,
BMSCE IAA is reaching out to all ALUMNI’s and Students of BMS College of Engineering. BMSCE IAA is contacting Alumni’s from different YEARS, BATCHES and BRANCHES.
In Year 2005, BMSCE IAA did get to contact ALUMNI’s from 1975 – 1980 Batch with great difficulties and convinced the ALUMNI’s to do something positive in the year 2005. About 25 Alumni’s agreed and Mr. Vijay Lathia took the lead in this working with BMSCE IAA. BMSCE 1980 Alumni’s set up THREE Scholarships per year for Five years. They collected 75000 rupees among them and did this.
BMSCE IAA proud to announce this achievement to other ALUMNI’s of BMSCE from different YEARS, BATCHES and BRANCHES.
It is hard to get hold of ALUMNI’s from these years. Even if we get hold of ALUMNI’s, it is hard to get response from them. Persistence pays!! Because BMSCE does not have a DATABASE of all of it’s GRADUATES. 
Year 2009 is SILVER JUBILEE YEAR for Graduates of BMSCE 1979-1984 Batch of Students from BMS College of Engineering.  BMSCE IAA has contacted several ALUMNI’s of this batch.
BMSCE IAA activities
BMSCE IAA Scholaship Distribution Ceremony
BMSCEIAA Letter to Chairman of BMS Management
BMSCEIAA December 15th 2004 Function
BMS 1980 batch sets up Scholarships on their Silver Jubilee Year.[BMSCEIAA] Mr. Vijay Lathia Alumni from BMS 1980 batch is in Bangalore will visit BMSCE on June 15th, 2005

BMSCE IAA Alumni’s and Committee members
Mr. Hangud Seetharam – from 1958 – 1963.
Mr. B. N. Nagaraj, BMSCE from 1958-1963.

Mr. Satyan Kalyandurg, BMSCE from1964-1969.

Mr. V. M. Kumaraswamy, BMSCE from 1966-1971.
Mr. R. Somashekar, BMSCE from 1966-1971
Mr. Hanuma Reddy, BMSCE from 1966-1971

Dr. Manmohan Kalgal, BMSCE from 1974-1979
Mr. Vijay Lathia, BMSCE from 1975-1980.

Dr. H.S. Jagadeesh,(BMSCE – 1986 batch)
Head of Transportation Engineering Department, in BMSCE.
Devchander, Pattabhi Raman, Sanjay Kattimani, Sanket Ravindra, K. N. Gurudatta,
Anupama Hatti, Sree Kala, Harsha Gatt, Kshpira Pitre,

Rajeev Sitaram, Abhijith Mukanda, P. J. Guruprasad, Jayanth Ramesh, Mahesh, Mukesh, Gurunath,
Shibaji Shome, Smitha Chackravarthy, Sharmili Sampath, Veena Ramaswamy, Amritha Dhar,
If you are from BMSCE 1979 -1984 Batch, please inform your BMSCE CLASSMATES about IAA and it’s activities. If you have any information on other ALUMNI’s from this batch, please let us know.
Please provide information about your BMSCE Classmates and BMSCE Friends. This helps a lot for BMSCE IAA. Please forward this email to others from BMSCE.
Be part of BMSCE IAA and participate in Committees. Suggesions are welcome.
BMSCE IAA needs support from all the ALUMNI’s of BMSCE.
V. M. Kumaraswamy
Founder and Chairman, BMSCE IAA
BMSCE 1971 Graduating CIVIL Batch.
949-302-8841 [USA]


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