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Posted by bmsceiaa on April 16, 2009

UTSAV ’09 Article posted on Apr 10, 2009.
 April 9th, 10th, 11th – BMS College of Engineering, Bangalore.
The story of UTSAV would certify as a legend. Its conceptions, more than two decades ago in 1983; the sensation it created being the pioneer of all youth festivals held by engineering colleges in Karnataka; the niche that it has carved for itself; its evolution from being just a college festival to a celebration of youth, competition and togetherness; describing it using words makes it an epic!

UTSAV is the annual college fest of BMS College of Engineering Bangalore. BMSCE is, clearly, what some would call, the doyen in the field of professional education. Amongst the oldest professional institutions of the country, the college is the first private engineering college in India.

Every spring BMSCE brings the spirit of festivities, youthful ecstasy and this year is no different with the onset of UTSAV ’09 – the techno cultural adventure fest. With a mind blowing 300 colleges expected from all over India, participating in over 40 events with professional music shows promising to keep maudlin crowd on their toes. So in the word of a very famous celebrity, “You’ve gotta be there!”
BMS utsav



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