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171 Bms Express Madads(utsav’06)

Posted by bmsceiaa on June 29, 2008

171 Bms Express Madads(utsav’06)


5 Responses to “171 Bms Express Madads(utsav’06)”

  1. vittal said

    Hey thats great to see my team performing .. it was my last performance in the college… Those were the best days of my life..:)


  2. Glee said

    Hi All

    It was really one great night for 171BMS EXPRESS..N i say that for i too was a part of the team alongwith Vittal, sunil,rakesh,rama,preetham..It was always our pleasure to perform in front of the home crowd.. BMS does Rock..!! N these BULLS will be back some day..


  3. Saradar said

    Hello friends,

    I have passedout in the year 2007, Utsav-09 is on April 9,10 and 11. I welcome u all to ur college…. if possible pls find some sponsers..

    Thank u…


  4. Yogesh Rao said

    Hey BMS-Alums, FYI: many of you will start inter-acting with people living abroad pretty soon as you graduate. Here is one tip on language usage:

    pass-out = faint (ex. “I passed-out due to intense heat”)
    graduate = complete school/college (ex: “I graduated from BMS in 2007”).

  5. Rakesh Raj said

    It was nice to see the video … Did not realize it was here…. just searched for some pics also along with this .. Amazing collection i should say …

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