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Olave Jeevana Saakshaatkara by ALUMNI Manasi Prasad on Feb 17th 08

Posted by bmsceiaa on February 9, 2008

Olave Jeevana Saakshaatkara (Love is life’s fulfillment)

-A celebration of the different facets of love through a classical music concert

Dear music-lover,

Love is a many-hued emotion. It touches every living being in one way or another. From the caring glance of a mother as she puts her child to sleep, to the burning longing that lovers feel when they are separated, to the spiritual devotion of a devotee to the Lord, it pervades the entire world.

Taking inspiration from this universal theme is ‘Olave Jeevana Saakshaatkara’- a celebration of love through a Carnatic classical music concert (with the theme of all compositions reflecting love), which I have conceptualized and would like to present.

Other innovations in the programme would be the use of an apt stage setting and mood lighting in order to accentuate the experience for the audience. Each piece will be preceded by an explanation highlighting the meaning of the lyrics in order that the audience appreciate the compositions even more.

Date:      17th February, 2008

Venue: RV Dental College Auditorium, JP Nagar, Bangalore

Time:      6 :00 – 8 :00 pm

Looking forward to your enthusiastic participation,

With love,



Business Analyst
No.419, IIPM Tower, 100 Ft. Road
IV Block, Koramangala
Bangalore-560 034


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