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IAA 2007 Scholarships Distribution Function in Bangalore at BMSCE Campus

Posted by bmsceiaa on January 19, 2008

IAA thanks BMSCE IAA 1980 Alumni’s for their contribution to their almamater !!

IAA hopes that other ALUMNI’s come forward and do the same like you all did !!

All of you need to get involved in IAA. IAA needs help at all levels please.


V. M. Kumaraswamy
BMSCE IAA Founder and Chairman


IAA 2007 Scholarships Distribution

The IAA 2007 Scholarship Distribution function will be held at CHAIRMAN’s office. {next to Principal office}.

Date: December 17th 2007

Time: 11:30 AM

Chairman Dr. Bisalaiah , Principal Dr. Venkatesh, Vice Principal Dr. Babu and Evening College Principal Dr. Radhakrishna will be attending the function along with others.

The names of Students selected for the IAA 2007 Scholarships are as follows. (IAA Scholarships are awarded on a ROTATION basis so that all other departments are considered in the coming years). IAA Scholarships are on Merit cum Means of each student recommended by their respective HOD’s.
IAA 1980 Alumni’s Silver Jubilee Award

Computer Science: S. Balachander

Electrical and Electronics: C. Vijetha

Information Science: S. R. Santosh Kumar

IAA Alumni’s Award

Instrumentation: G.C. Chaitra

Telecommunications: K.M. Savita

Industrial Engineering Management: H.R. Yashaswi

Mechanical Engineering: Madhusudhan

Civil Engineering: Mr. Kumareshan
All above selected students are requested to be at Chairman’s office by 11:15 AM on Monday 17th 2007.

If any questions please reply to this email.


V. M. Kumaraswamy


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