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IAA activities[Nov 8th 2004 Letter from Dr. Manmohan Kalgal-President of BMSCE IAA, for Studnets and Alumni’s]

Posted by bmsceiaa on October 22, 2007

This is for the benefit for NEW ALUMNI,s and current STUDENTS at BMSCE, to know what had happened in BMSCE IAA.

IAA requests all ALUMNI’s and current Students at BMSCE to participate in IAA activties and promote your own IAA.

Date:  Mon, 8 Nov 2004 10:50:31 -0800 (PST)
From:  “Dr.Manamohan Kalgal” <kalgal_mr@yahoo. com>

Subject: Status of BMSCEIAA at Bangalore
To: BMSCE-IAA-owner@ yahoogroups. com

Hello Fellow ALUMNI’s

The following are some of the important information from previous IAA meetings that you all need to know and take further actions in IAA.

In IAA meetings,  IAA Bangalore Committee, President Dr. Kalgal emphasized the importance of BMSCE-IAA and how it is different from other alumni associations in its approach and objectives. He reitrated the necessity of accelerating our efforts to achieve the goals. (It is happenning now. IAA is helping in seminars. Goals and Mission of IAA has been clearly conveyed to BMSCE Principal, BMSCE Management, Most of the HOD’s know about IAA.)

He also said that, IAA aims to be more proactive than other existing alumni associations. As we not only aspire to offer scholarships to deserving students, but also wish to conduct technical seminars, Talks and paper presentations on a regular basis apart from carrier – higher learning counseling and Job placement information. (Job Placement of IAA is helping BMS Students and it is well liked by all at BMSCE. Scholarships will be announced in IAA.)

Further he told that, IAA will be working with all the Departments HOD’s and Staff. Then IAA assigned IAA members to different departments to work and to gather information.

(This is taking place in different departments now. It is gathering momentum. IAA needs cooperation from HOD’s and Staff.)

The following are some the actions of IAA that are planned to reach out to students.


· Career counseling
· Guidance forFurther studies
· Preparation for campus interview
· Helping out with projects


The first step will be a mock test to be conducted. These are the tasks that need to be carried out.

· Formulation of the question papers.
· Permission from the principal to conduct the same. (This is done)
· Awareness through posters, word of mouth and departments. (This was done during UTSAV 2004. All Departments have IAA Posters. Need to do on regular basis.)
· Meeting to decide on the particulars of the same.

Mock interviews and seminars held by more experienced members/non- members.

Thus the need to rope in more alumni from earlier years

Conducting of test/s along with the placement cell. (BMSCE Placement Officer has agreed for this.)

Other issues, topics and ideas were:

· Having 2 representatives from each class
· Finance
· e-mentoring
· Melton group
· Spreading IAA awareness

The following is the action plan of IAA.  This is taken at an IAA meeting.

Setting the question papers: Aptitude and technical papers.

Permission from the principal of BMSCE to conduct the same.

(This has been done and BMSCE Management has agreed for this and IAA can use the PLACEMENT Room)

Awareness. Reach out to students of 6th semester through HOD’s and students. Also making posters and pamphlets for the same.

Vision – “To make BMS the best non-IIT institution in the nation by 2010”

This VISION was suggested by one BMS ALUMNI currently in USA

Let us work together in IAA.

If you have any questions, please write to me.


Dr. Manamohan R Kalgal (BMS 1974-79)
President BMSCE IAA, Bangalore Committee

Gen. Manager-Tech, &; Business Dev.
BBR (India) Ltd.,Bangalore

e-mail: kalgal@bbrindia. com and kalgal_mr@yahoo. com

Phone Nos. are 080-26755996( R),
080-22264860/ 22257889/ 2258740/22384596 (O) and 98440 10074 (cell)
____________ _________ _________ _________ _________ _________ _

This is V. M. Kumaraswamy from BMSCE IAA.

I am from BMSCE 1971 Graduating CIVIL  batch. 

I am providing some information about BMSCE IAA to you.

V. M. Kumaraswamy, BE., MBA, 1971 BMSCE Graduating CIVIL Batch.

http://www.orkut. com/AlbumView. aspx?uid= 4319771866401229 38

BMSCE  IAA  2006  Slide Show

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BMSCE IAA 2004 Slide Show
http://www.slide. com/r/lNLM01uK3T -UMRUnL0WKRJHSIc XRarWI

Welcome to the World of BMSCEIAA!

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Join BMSCE IAA and promote it to others in BMSCE
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