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IAA website issues.Do’t be silent. RESPOND IAA members and Alumni’s with Comments and Suggestions.

Posted by bmsceiaa on January 18, 2007

IAA website issues. Need input please. Do’t be silent.

RESPOND IAA members and Alumni’s


What IAA current website has. This is what we have


Sukumar Bhat’s has done this for IAA Forum:
The URL for the forum is, REGISTER here please. /index.php

NEW Suggestion for IAA WEBSITE from Anand Ramachandra


One comment SO FAR from Abhijith Mukunda from USA on these:


First of all a big Thank You for the folks who have worked on improving
website! It looks pretty good!

There are a few rough edges, but I believe it is an ongoing process.
For eg:
on the main page, the section headings in the side bar (BMSCEIAA, ALMA 

MATER, UTSAV etc), the fonts can be improved...

In the services page some formatting is required, the section headings
often start at the middle of the last line of the previous section
(eg:Assistantship program, Teachers award etc)

I would recommend a "BMSCE Fun Facts" section in which we can put put
all the trivia about BMS...for example "the BMS katte"...alumni achievements

I think we should make IAA website as the cool alternative to the 

boring BMSCE website...

Another observation, can we get a sharper image for BMSCE logo on the
main page? 

those are my 2 cents..

Once again good effort folks!


Abhijith Mukunda
Graduate Student
School of Industrial Engineering
Purdue University - West Lafayette


“Anand Ramachandra” <> wrote on Thu, 11 Jan 2007 20:48:04 -0800 (PST):
Hi (Su)Kumar/

Yes we can do lot better than this one. What we have now is just a first cut of it and this I made it in 2 days time adding components here and there.

It is just to demonstarte some of the ready to use tools which can do wnders. We can post it to alumni and get their opinion.

Most of the functionality like (search) did worked in my laptop, not sure why it is not in here. Need to fix lots of bugs, but let us not worry about it now.

What I think we need to look at it is..

1. Look and feel – decide on the template, Logo and color comibinations.

2. Community Builder – modify it to suit us.

3. Create a forum or link to it

4. Job portal

5. Photo gallery

6. utsav corner

7. Event management

8. eLearning??

9. Content

Please think about these and come up with your feedback. Let us put all our thoughts and come up with a wonder !!!




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6 Responses to “IAA website issues.Do’t be silent. RESPOND IAA members and Alumni’s with Comments and Suggestions.”

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