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IAA Dec 9th, 06 Meeting Minutes and Photos

Posted by bmsceiaa on December 30, 2006


B. M. S. College of Engineering

International Alumni Association

Minutes of Meeting

December 9th 2006

Place: BMSCE Placement Training Hall

Time: 6:30 PM

Hello all,

The much-awaited BMSCE International Alumni Association meet happened today at BMSCE Placement training hall. This one was really energetic; with more than 40 alumni turning up, quite a few active issues were discussed. Please review the following minutes of meeting.

  1. Welcome Talk:

Dr. Manmohan Kalagal (1979 batch alumnus), President of the IAA, delivered the welcome talk, briefed about the IAA and stressed about the importance of volunteers in IAA.

  1. Talk about IAA by Mr. Kumarswamy:

Mr. Venkatappa Kumaraswamy (1971 batch alumnus), the founder and Executive Director of IAA, introduced to the audience on the history of IAA. The activities of IAA such as the contributions in UTSAV, and more recently the scholarship programs were highlighted

Mr. Kumaraswamy stressed that the current meeting was primarily to have an open interaction with the new alumni of the IAA on active issues of concern.

  1. Guest Talk by Mr. H.V.Sitaram:

Mr. H.V. Seetharam (1963 batch alumnus), and currently Campus Ambassador-LARSEN & TOUBRO LIMITED, delivered the Guest talk on the role of the alumni. He stressed mainly on 2 aspects for the role of Alumni:

  • To bridge the gap of the student life – professional life.
  • Bring the industrial interaction with the college faculty.
  1. Open discussion by the alumni:

Some of the most acute issues of immediate concern were discussed at this meeting as below:

    • Updation of the BMSCE website as well as the IAA website.
    • Need of an R & D lab at the campus.
    • Industrial exposure / mentoring program to the students.

It is obvious that the BMSCE website is found lacking in information about the college, its faculty as well as the placement statistics. The IAA expressed its interest to support the website if there are volunteers to take charge of the website and collect the necessary information from different departments for updations. There is also a need to have a permanent website for UTSAV.

At this point, few of the alumni in the meeting, volunteered to take the responsibility to update the website and also collect the necessary inputs. Please find a list of alumni (along with current students) who have volunteered for different tasks through the IAA, at the end of the minutes of meeting.

Dr. H.S. Jagadeesh (1986 batch alumnus), treasurer of IAA, suggested the necessity of alumni involvement in the pre-placement training for the 5th semester students, if few alumni could volunteer for the same, so that a slot can be fixed for the IAA.

Some alumni wanted to help the students by taking industry specific training on various subjects of the curriculum; few also stressed the necessity of a research and development lab in the campus, which would provide good technical exposure to the student.

Dr. Kalagal suggested, it’s a good sign that the alumni are willing to contribute to the cause of the alma mater, but stressed to have a systematic approach in carrying out the different activities, since its important to decide upon the right slot in case of training and also to have fewer topics so that these would not clash with the exam schedules. The necessary logistics should be worked out well in advance.

Due to shortage in time, it was decided that separate meetings should be held to address the different issues of concern, so that the alumni can be selective to attend only those meetings where they could give their helping hand. The reminders of such meetings shall be updated into the IAA group as and when they happen.

  1. Agenda for 16th December IAA function:

IAA shall be hosting a function on the 16th December 2006. This function shall be attended by the management of the BMSCE along with the various heads of departments and faculties.

This function provides a good opportunity to the alumni to bring the issues of immediate concern to the direct notice of the management and the heads of the departments.

The agenda of the function was finalized during the meeting. Few of the alumni have volunteered for printing of invitation and arrangement of dinner.

  1. Concluding talk by Mr. Dev Chander:

Mr. Dev Chander (2000 batch alumnus), secretary of IAA, delivered the concluding talk and insisted that IAA must be more active by doing measurable tasks in the coming years.


  1. Industry exposure (Technical seminar / Talks):

Sl. Name Company/Organization Contact number
  1. IAA and BMSCE website updation:

Sl. Name Company/Organization Contact number



Date: 16th December – 2006, Time:  6pm

Venue: B.M. Sreenivasaiah Library Auditorium






iaa-dec06-photos-020.jpg iaa-dec06-photos-003.jpg



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