BMSCE, International Alumni Association


Posted by bmsceiaa on December 3, 2006


IAA / ALUMNI can help and guide students at the college.

IAA / ALUMNI can become MENTORING and we all can share the knowledge with students.

IAA / ALUMNI can arrange for your companies to go to college.

IAA / ALUMNI can give monthly classes in different subjects at college.

IAA / ALUMNI can help students who can’t afford to pay the fees of college.

IAA / ALUMNI can establish scholarships and assistantships for students at college.

IAA / ALUMNI can help the students in coming up.

IAA / ALUMNI can invite students from college to visit companies to understand the working conditions of different companies.

IAA / ALUMNI can visit the campus and share thoughts with Faculty and Students.

IAA / ALUMNI can work with departments and promote it.


IAA / ALUMNI can help in developing the laboratories.


IAA / ALUMNI can help the departments by procuring latest software’s.


IAA / ALUMNI can help in tying up with some industries for Industry-Institute Interaction.


IAA / ALUMNI can help the department libraries (By subscribing some magazines, Books etc.)


IAA / ALUMNI can help by conducting the work shops for faculty and students on latest advancements in the technology.


IAA / ALUMNI can come and give Lectures for students on latest technologies.


IAA / ALUMNI can help in doing the following (suggestions from HOD):


HODs are not in a position to convince and obtain grants for the developmental plans of their departments. For e.g,


a) Issuing merit certificates to TEN TOPPERS in each semester.


b) In addition, issue certificates to Ten toppers of Seventh semester on aggregate basis (aggregate from 1 to 7 semester) plus a farewell party.


c) Now a days ( almost one decade ) farewell party’s are given by the 2, 4 and 6 Semester students by making collections of Rs.100/-, Rs.100/- and Rs 50/- respectively. Whatever be the shortfall will be made good by the HOD and his faculty. This practice is true for ECE, CSE and ISE departments.


Further in ECE department has introduced an Incentive scheme for Teachers from 2002 onwards. This is to give a Merit Certificate and a Cash award of Rs.1000/- to the teacher in whose course /subject more than 80% students score more than 80% marks excluding Internal Assessment marks (class marks).


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