BMSCE, International Alumni Association

IAA New York

Posted by bmsceiaa on December 3, 2006 Roopa Shivaprasad
Astoria, New York

about me:  Still finding my place on the planet…I’ve moved around alot. I’ve come full circle, back to the Big Apple and … Pradeep Raman
Buffalo, New York

about me:  Too bored to write anything about self. Nikhil Hegde
Hicksville, NY Rohan Grover
Buffalo, NY

about me:  I am lazy, bored and tired of living in Buffalo. Help me get out. -Gave up a 5 figure salary for boredom and suffering. – … Srinivas Prasad
Ithaca, NY

hometown:  Ithaca, NY Vinay Kolar
Binghamton, NY Rathan Agasthya ರಥನ್ ಅಗಸ್ತ್ಯ
Oswego, New York

about me:  I don’t give a damn about it Somika Shetty
Astoria, NY Yogish Kumar
Buffalo, New York

about me:  Education is killing me! Srinivas Prasad
Buffalo, NY

about me:  manku timma Kiran R.K
Ithaca, NY Pranjal Shah
Buffalo, NY Chaitanya Atreya
New York, New York


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