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BMS WEBSITE is face to the world at large ! To know what it offers and does !!

Posted by bmsceiaa on November 26, 2006

BMS WEBSITE is face to the world at large !! To know what it offers and does !!

Hello all,

Recently I was going through the webpage’s of our college website, found some shocking things about the same.

Firstly, the site is not updated and looks like some high school student project in HTML. Being a premier technical institute which has produced quality engineers from past 6 decades, it is disgusting to see that our college website is in such a dismal state.

Why can’t we use leading-edge technology to create dynamic content pages which will make the site more interesting?

The speed of loading pages has been questionable at times. For personal and hobby sites, slow server times are the norm, and since much of this web space is free, there’s really no complaining. But slow server and page loading times are inexcusable with professional sites. If our server is the culprit, we need to find another host. We just can’t pass the blame onto the server and pages. Since there aren’t many images also, the speed of loading pages of our site should be good.

We need to take some corrective action and try to talk to the management about the same.

For example one of the alumni points it out: Facilities… a photo of the FMS system in CAD/CAM/ ROBOTICS LAB would be nice, from what I know in the college. I am sure there are many more labs in the college which are good as well, why are the photographs not there?
How is a prospective student going to feel that
BMS is better than any other college in the competing environment? How are we going to attract the best talent?  How is mentioning the presence of a Bank on campus be a Key differentiator and attract a prospective and performing student to choose BMS over RV or PESIT?

When information changes, the webmaster has to update the appropriate pages immediately–and this means every bit of information, every fact, even tiny ones. As a reputed institution, we cannot afford the loss of credibility that can come from having even a single factual goof.

Ex: The BMS website stills show placements statistics till 2003 even though we had wonderful placements in subsequent years. If a student or alumni is checking that section just imagine the message it will convey to the user.

Experts from one of the alumni are: Placement Department’s histogram is very lame.  Where is the pie chart of placements based on stream / department? Where are the figures like mean salary? Where is the demographic data? Why don’t we have the trademarks of the companies recruiting beside their names and hyper links to those  company web sites? What are the future initiatives? Where are the customer responses for example, what does Wipro HR manager feel about BMS students they have been recruiting for the last like 10 years? Placement page is the most important one, what I would call ‘Mission Critical’ and this needs a major major effort.

When an institution commits to having a website, they need to commit themselves to either maintaining it or employing the expertise of someone else to maintain it and keeping thus the institution image in tact.

Having a website is a commitment. It needs to be checked and maintained. How regularly this need to be done depends on the webmaster itself. But BMS management has to take initiative that this is done regularly

Finally, I like to say one sentence

In the present world, the WEBSITE is the most important thing ——>>>>> it is BMSCE’s face to the world at large ! To know what BMSCE offers!!! And DOES!!

Please present a face which depicts real BMS and not the one shown now.

Thanks & Regards,



One Response to “BMS WEBSITE is face to the world at large ! To know what it offers and does !!”

  1. winwar said

    I am not surprised by the poor quality of BMSCE’s web site. When I studied there in the late 80’s – early 90’s, BMS was poor as an institution of learning. Most of the professors were apathetic towards their jobs and some of them and many of the office staff members were corrupt, taking money to fix attendance numbers and internal marks. The only good thing about BMS was the time I spent with fellow students. We would be allowed into the computer lab only during our lab hours and the lab attendants would hurry us out and lock the doors, forcing us to learn either at computer training institutes or on our home if our parents could afford to buy us computers (computers were expensive back then). When we went to ask our professors for recommendation letters for applying to universities abroad, only a few obliged immediately. Some would tell us to come back after a few months and some would ask us to leave the envelopes in their offices and they would get to it “sometime”. Perhaps it never occurred to them that delay would cost us dearly in terms of getting admitted without wasting time. Utsav, the annual cultural festival, would be dominated by rowdy elements studying in the college whose only goal was to steal money from the funds. These rowdies also brazenly cheated during exams and the staff just stood by and watched too fearful to take any action.

    If the attitude of a majority of the BMS employees is the same as it was then, there is no use of the IAA trying to take initiatives to make BMS better. It will never happen. If, on the other hand, younger, more caring people have become professors and members of the staff, then perhaps there is hope.

    I request such newer, braver, uncorrupt employees to come forward and let the IAA help their efforts to make BMSCE a distinguished institution.

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