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The Melton Foundation 13th Annual Symposium:Aug 25th-Sept. 2nd, 2004

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The Melton Foundation 13th Annual Symposium
BMS Educational Trust, Bangalore, India
August 25th – September 2nd , 2004

“Integrating Cultures by Leveraging Technologies”

Innaugural Session

The inaugural session of the 13th annual symposium in Bangalore began on a very bright and sunny morning with a lot of aspirations and promises. After a melodious invocation by fellow Manasi Prasad, the BOD member from BMS, Mr. M.R. Sreenivasa Murthy, gave the welcome address. This was followed by the lighting of a lamp, the traditional Indian way of beginning any auspicious program.

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The chief guest, Mr. Nandan Nilekani from Infosys Technologies Limited, gave a wonderful talk about global markets and opportunities. The surprise was the spontaneous speech of Bill Melton whose intention was not to speak during the symposia’s inaugural sessions.

Cultural Capsules and Presentations

Almost every day we had nice surprises in the Cultural Capsules, with typical dances and music from different parts of India he colorful costumes, melodious music, and expressive eyes won the hearts of the audience.

As it has become a tradition, Cultural Presentations were the sensation this year. ZU showed typical local operas from different parts of China. UFRO presented a play on the world understanding of Mapuche people, natives from Chile who today live in the southern part of the country.

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DU cultural was entitled “Winds of Change: Race Relations in the United States” showing attitudes of African Americans from the emancipation proclamation spoken by President Abraham Lincoln to the congressional commission questioning U.S. National Security Advisor Dr. Condoleeza Rice about the events leading up to September 11th. FSU’s presentation was about the concept of Europe and the European Union. Designed as a play, the presentation comprised of two parts. In the first, a young student sleeps and dreams about the European continent.


The panel discussion was on the theme “Integrating Cultures by Leveraging Technologies”. It was moderated by Mr. Rajiv Salimath , Board of Alumni chair. The panelists included Dr. Bill Melton; Mr. Sudhakar Mallya, MD, Business Development Raghavan Ventures Inc.; Mrs. Sujitha Karnad, MD, Thoughtworks Inc.; and Dr. Rajeev Gowda, Professor of Economics.

Traditional Mela Fair

A special surprise had been prepared by BMS: “Mela Fair” was a rendezvous with India in the countryside. It was a replication of a typical Indian fair. Music, dances, traditional Indian games, fireworks, food, and other traditions, including a continuous musical show took us to live India with all its magic.

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Day Trip to Somanthapur

The day trip took a beautiful trip to Somanthapur a place about 140 kilometers from Bangalore. It is a small village, but has a temple from the 13th century A.D. with great architectural beauty.

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Workgroup Presentations

The “Minne” group presentation was called “Minne can Cook” sponsored by “PeasXPeas” company; the group prepared a Melton salad; to make this salad they started listing a food or ingredient that was symbolic of each country’s culture. “Esperanto” group presentation was inspired by Bollywood movies, and a silent “movie” showed different topics discussed during the year.

The “LOS” group used soccer as the theme for their presentation as it is a popular sport and shows a great analogy to the MF. The “Bridges” workgroup put together a newspaper that showcased news articles from Melton member countries, as well as the topics that the group discussed throughout the year.

A new Melton Room was inaugurated and to have a memory of the occasion the fellows dedicated one wall of the Melton Room to MF graffiti made by all members.

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Tree Planting Ceremony

Tree Planting Ceremony. During the 1999 symposium in BMS, two saplings were planted, which today have grown to become towering symbols of the relationship between the MF and BMS. Continuing with the tradition, a sapling was planted in the widespread gardens of BMS and was watered with the friendship and bonds that were created this symposium. We hope that with symposiums to come, more such trees will be planted, not only at BMS but also at other MF campuses.

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Farewell Dinner and Graduation Ceremony

The traditional farewell dinner and the Graduation Ceremony had a nice environment and with an excellent Indian dance performance by Manasi Prasad. Gifts were exchanged among participating delegations, and the new alumni were welcomed by the Board of Alumni Chair, Mr. Rajiv Salimath.

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