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NPTEL::National program on Technical Enhanced Learning

Posted by bmsceiaa on November 20, 2006


The main objective of NPTEL program is to enhance the quality of engineering education in the country by developing curriculum based video and web courses. This is being carried out by IITs (Seven), IISc Bangalore and other premier institutions as a collaborative project.
At IIT Madras, the project is evolving and it is our intent to provide learning materials, digitally taped classroom lectures, supplementary materials and links to state-of-the art research materials in every subject possible. Currently samples from approximately 70 courses offered by faculty in various departments and to students at all levels (B.Tech, M.Tech, M.S., M.Sc., Ph.D.) are given here. Approximately 140 courses are in various stages of preparation and distribution through internet.

All the faculty members are personally involved in the making of their respective courses in the electronic form. Our purpose is to supplement classroom lectures. The latter are compulsory for students and IIT Madras stipulates that students attend 75 percent of lectures to qualify for their examinations.

This is a project on a trial run. It is meant for enrichment. Please read the information below before visiting the courses page.

This web site contains materials on topics released by various IITs and IISc till July 2006 and was formally launched on Sept 3, 06. The site will be updated every week and contents will be added as and when they are made available.All viewers of this site are informed that there is no certification or diploma being offered by us through this site. The contents are free subject to the copyright declaration below. Please do not contact us for details of when the course will be offered and how to register etc. No online course is offered through this site.

The IIT’s have taken up an initiative of starting online teaching and thus have started offering course materials online for every engineering stream.

-Many professors from all the IITs have provided course materials for each chapter and each subject.
-One has to register at the link provided below and can access the course material free of cost.
-Every Chapter has been described with diagrams and charts.
– Please spread this message to everyone, as many can benefit from this program taken up by the government and IIT.


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  1. The style of writing is quite familiar . Did you write guest posts for other bloggers?

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