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Contributions to our Alma Mater through BMSCE IAA

Posted by bmsceiaa on November 20, 2006

From: abhijith mukund <>
Date: Sun Apr 3, 2005 9:27pm
Subject: Contributions to our Alma Mater through BMSCE IAA

Dear Fellow Alumni,

This is important information regarding monetory contributions
to our college through BMSCE IAA.

Kindly note the following:

1. Checks to be made out to “BMSCE IAA”

The specifics of the contribution needs to be mentioned
in the Memo section of the check
Eg: “BMS UTSAV 2005”, “BMS Mechanical Tech Fest”, “BMS Civil Dept”,
“BMSCEIAA Membership Fees”, “BMSCEIAA Annual Pledges”, “BMSCEIAA
Departments”, “BMSCEIAA EndowmentFunds”, ” IAA 2005-BMS 80 Silver

PLEASE SEND AN E-MAIL TO upon sending the
contributions with the following information:

BMS Graduation Year & Dept:
Contributed on Date:
Mode: Check / Cash
Check sent to: US Location / Bangalore Location
Contribution for: IAA membership / Department funds (mention dept) /
UTSAV / Other (mention the purpose)

This will help IAA to acknowledge your contributions upon receipt as well as
streamline, effectively allocate the contributions and maintain proper

2. You are requested to send the contributions to:

International / USA:

Chairman – BMSCE IAA
14102 Moore Ct,
Irvine ., CA 92606


Dr. Manmohan Kalgal
President – BMSCE IAA (Bangalore)
‘BENAKA’, 982, 13th Main,
I Blk., I Stg., BSK, Srinagar,
Bangalore – 560 050
98440-10074 and 080-2675 5996

3. Alumni wishing to make CASH contributions are requested to meet:

Treasurer, BMSCE – IAA.
Professor & Head
Dept of Transportation Engineering
BMS COllege of Engineering
Bangalore 560019
94480-33020 and 080-2350 4530


Abhijith Mukunda
BMSCE – Mechanical – 2002
Graduate Student
Purdue University – West Lafayette


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  1. The post kind of helped me. Well How you get ideas for such posts. sorry if it’s out of topic.

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