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Posted by bmsceiaa on November 20, 2006

Pavan R V –

suresh, u have done a good job man…thts sufficient info regarding the process of getting into an Aussie univ…and great job dude…keep it up and all the best with ur career dude…i can give u and the group a little info abt the american univs…

first of all, the education system of US is pretty much similar to Aussie univs…so students who plan to pursue a career in US pretty much follow the same process like Suresh or any other student wld have in a Aussie settin’…like part time job (research, teachin’ or a lab assistant)…these are a few jobs a student can hold within’ the department of field of study…other jobs are all around the campus with a reasonable pay….Well i’m gettin’ my Masters in Packaging Science (still gettin’ my Masters b’coz, i’m not done with my thesis yet) from RIT (offcourse one of the best schools for Packaging and definitely job scenario….)

In US it is pretty different…there is somethin’ called CPT(curriculum practical training)/Co-op/Internship-all of these pretty much mean the same…and a graduate student gets to do 2 coops or 6 months of internship (atleast in RIT) with a company (related to your field of study)….for example I did a 6 month coop with United Technologies – Carrier Corporation, Syracuse, NY….and always an internship is a paid position….again, a packaging science student makes about $15/hr on an average during an internship….which is really good for an internship…and definitely somethin’ really substantial to add on to your resume…This experience does count when applyin’ for a full- time job. So a student pursues a coop after nine months or 3 quarters (in RIT) of education in a univ…so coop is done before the student graduates…

and now students who finish this 6 month assignment cannot do another coop but can do OPT (optional practical training) a status, the student gets only after the completion of the course work (not necessarily thesis)…with this status the student can get a full time job…without which the student cannot work full time…my OPT started in september last year and i got a job by december…so i’m currently workin’ in a fortune 500 company as a Structural Designer for Point of Purchase Displays (basically temporary stuff with various flute grades of corrugated like B, C, Double wall, E)…my strong skills are in design and hence this job for me…but my expertise has no boundaries within’ the constraints of packaging science…i’ve dealt with materials, processes, Healthcare industry (both pharmacuetical & medical), design, dynamics, environment and so forth…

opportunities in packaging science has been plentyful and it totally depends on the student and how proactive one is…

well, getting A WORK VISA FOR SPECIALISED POSITIONS IS NOT A PROBLEM…MY COMPANY DID GET ME MY WORK VISA….WELL U GUYZ SHLD BE AWARE OF THE QUOTA ISSUES (MORE INFO in I do advise students to do a thorough research about an univ and the whole process of being eligible to otain a work visa…well everone is different in terms of long term career goals…it is very important to set goals in life…no matter where u are…these are important decisions and guyz don’t sleep over them…don’t plan nythin’ in the last minute….wake up and plan ahead of time…COZ GUYZ U ARE NOT THE ONLY ONES IN THE RACE!!!

thts it for now…i hope Abhishek Gautam and Pushpak Jain will add to wht i’ve said…by the way both are pursuin’ Packaging science in RIT. Abhi is currently internin’ with a Johnson & Johnson company and i feel thats a very good thing for him and definitely somethin’ substantial on his resume…and Pushpak will finish his course work this quarter and will be eligible to work from summer…i wish them both good luck with their careers….

well guyz thts it for now….i guess now we guyz wld like to hear from the other side of the world…no questions are stupid (but there are stupid questions like where to get info from??? thts typical and again i’m tellin’ – internet is the best resource)


_________________________________“Abhishek Gautam”

Well I completed my Masters in Packaging Science from
RIT ( like Pavan said it is one of the best schools
for Packaging in USA)…infact as what I recollect
from the discussion with Pavan…day to day the
proffesionals we meet in field of Packaging ….are
RIT graduates (example …..look at this my boss is a
RIT graduate and so is Pavan’s boss)….like said ,
well enough by Pavan, Packaging has awesome
oppurtunities…..He is working in an awesome company
called Rocktenn, which is a Fortune 500 company
….and as for me I am on internhsip as packaging
engineer with Depuy Orthopedics, Johnson and Johnson,
working on my Masters thesis for the company …My job
is more of a Package Validation Engineer, we design
packages, write protocols, test them , document stuff,
get it apporved, create material specs….work as a
team with Manufacturing, Purchasing and Quality
departments to create qualified packages, for the fact
that, this company is one of the number 1 companies in
field for human joint implants – Hips, Knees, Trauma
and extremities.., we have to be careful with
strelization and package material selections, lot of
research, development and regulatory stuff too…great
experience…I am also looking for a full time job at
the same time….I would say I … at least apply for
1 or 2 full time jobs everyday (look at it ..I would
say who, where, in which field has so many
oppurtunities)……but at the same time I wanna
support Pavan and add soforth….definitely
organization, planning and rationale on decison making
is very important….whats your priority…how do you
set it ….everything matters….USA ..the market is
the market of oppurtunity and proactiveness is really
important….may it be school to a proffesional field
of work ….setting up goals is really important….I
have heard kids frm BMS say … ” uh…why would I
invest money on further education….how would I get a
return…”…Duh!!…come on all …I will say dont
worry about tommorow…its very uncertain, but not
very difficult to conquer…..perfect example –
Pavan…set your standards, goals and understand what
are you pursuing and tommorow is gona be a
success….as for packaging program at RIT … is
program of applied sciences…you choose in what you
wanna specialize in ….. good idea is to go to the
internet, look at websites and find info, contact
school, proffesors…remember – there are no shortcuts
in life…I know internet in India is slow and
tedious…but I remebmber…..Pushpak, Vishal and I
used to sit hours…frustrated….but never gave up
….and we made it….like Pavan said …..there no
studpid questions but questions like – Where do I get
info….try !!…you shall find it….

Pavan said so much about the program, trainings
everything….its almost all said for … but I would
say one important thing….reading these emails should
help you understand your priorities…but at the same
time, should make you realize that its your battle and
you have to fight it ….on your own… we can guide
you , help you…but you have to make the changes….

Working Visas as said…are little tough but not
impossible for field of Packaging…careful
understanding..planning and prioritization will help a

Well I guess…the experience speaks..and it never
ends….I think I tried to give a little picture of
this riverbank… I think all said is said for
now…..let me know for sure if someone needs help….
never stop trying….

take care all !!



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