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UTSAV ’05 [by R K C]

Posted by bmsceiaa on November 19, 2006



Utsav has a history of about 20 years with 10 annual festivals being conducted. It was the first cultural fest ever to be conducted among colleges in Karnataka. The success is evident in that it has set in a trend that most colleges in Bangalore almost follow with a religious fervor. The fest has been conducted at various levels including the South Zone level and has earned tremendous acclaim all over the State.


Utsav ’04 was based on the theme “Rustic” and the entire college was decorated in accordance with the theme. Utsav ’04 saw an overwhelming crowd of 10,000 students at any point of time and a floating crowd of 25,000 participating in over 40 events.


This year the cultural extravaganza will be based on the theme “Retro”. The festival will see almost 50 events in Kannada, literary, cultural, and technical and also adventure fields spread over 2 days. More than 50 colleges inclusive of degree, management and engineering are expected to participate. The festivals conducted by the various college departments itself saw huge registrations of over 5000 students and a festival of UTSAV’s magnitude is expected to bring in over thrice the number.


Established in the year 1946, the BMS College of Engineering is the first private engineering college in the country. It is one of the 5 institutions under the BMS Educational Trust; Bangalore includes law, arts and science, PUC and evening college.
Centrally located, the college houses 18 departments with estimated student strength of around 4000. It is also one of the few colleges recognized by the university to house Post-Graduate courses in Technical and Management Education. The college went for the National Accreditation review this year and has invested around Rs. 8 crores for the further development of infrastructure.


The Mountaineering Club is the only adventure club at the college level to have thrived for 2 decades. In doing so, it has produced several National level sportsmen, who have been assets to the field. It is the only college team to have successfully conquered the Himalayas 7 times and has left no trek route unexplored in the Western Ghats and the Vindhyas. It is affiliated to General Thimmaiah National Academy for Adventure Sports (GETHNAA). It also organizes regular camps for corporate firms like Wipro.


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