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State of BMSCE and Comments by BMSCE Alumni’s

Posted by bmsceiaa on November 19, 2006

State of BMSCE and Comments by BMSCE Alumni’s

State of BMSCE

Written by Vasant Honavar

http://bmsceiaa. wordpress. com/2006/ 11/17/state- of-bmsce/
Vasant Honavar

Professor and Director, Artificial Intelligence Research Laboratory

Professor and Director, Computational Intelligence, Learning, and Discovery Initiative

Professor and Chair, Bioinformatics and Computational Biology

Professor and Director of Research

Department of Computer Science

Iowa State University

Comment by Harsha



Yes, BMSCE does need more effort on improving its technical infrastructure and its technical expertise.

This article represents the current state of BMSCE, lets restore the old lost glory of this college.



Comment by Yogesh

Good Points by Vasant!

An ugly child that is beautifully dressed is still an ugly child! The operational aspect of the college i.e. the process of education delivery at BMSCE needs to be improved first before they can fix anything. I can never forget the way Prof. S. R. Krishnamurthy (The famous SRK) messed up my batch’s scores. The erstwhile Bangalore University expected our final year internal scores in a scale of 1-50. Although SRK knew this fully well, He sent our scores in a scale of 1-10. My score was sent to the university as 8 (out of 10). The university interpreted this as 8/50 while it should have been 40/50. The 32 marks I lost did not make a big change in my score, but there were others who went from being a distinction to first class or went from being a first class to second class degree holders. SRK did this because of some dumb political issue he had with the university. We students were made to suffer for his grouse. Numerous students from information sciences branch have fallen a victim to this political issue of his. Then there was the famous quarrel of his with Indira-amma.

That problem pales in comparison to the fact that we did not have a teacher for Electronics Devices-II, for an entire year!!! We studied for the exam by ourselves and wrote the exam. Can you imagine that?

I know that no one from BMS college is going to read this website and I don’t expect anything positive to happen. The people who are supposed to be the guardians providing oversight don’t care about the quality of education that is delivered to the students.

Sorry for writing this negative report, We can choose to cover our eyes and sing praises because we graduated from BMSCE, but this is the truth! I don’t think things will change until the people in the board who are supposed to provide oversight are fired and replaced by some competent people.

I wish the students of BMS College Good Luck! Please remember Gandhi’s famous adage “Self help is the best help”,
IS&T 1994.


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