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Response to letters from Alumni by Dr. KRK

Posted by bmsceiaa on November 19, 2006

From: professor <>
Date: Tue Jul 6, 2004 6:02 am
Subject: Re: [BMSCE-IAA] Response to letters from Alumni

Please note that no system is efficient and ideal other than nature. We live in a system which is man made. We are part of it . Any natural phenomenon for that matter shows a typical distribution involving good and bad in varying ranges and proportions. We should be greatful to the system which has given us the fruits and we should show our gratitude to the system which has made us what we are today. We should try to rectify the shortfalls by appraising it to the concerned and ensure that things are set right. We have a duty to perform to lift the status of the surroundings. With this in mind let us review the situtation at BMSCE.

Dear Alumni you have a great role to play in making your Almamater one of the best in the country. Remember it is because of BMSCE you are what you are today. Let there not be any doubts whatsoever. Let us know where are our weaknesses to correct. BMSCE is a huge set up and the density of students is very large for the floor area. Students admited may not get the best type of training one can think of. But let me know hwere else you will find an ideal Engg. College in the world. Sit for a while and think, compare, analyse and judge for yourself , then make a comment. Some of the laboratories and facilities are of the highest class. Some of the teachers are extremely good and dedicated. But the freedom given to the students is enormous. This makes some times causes indiscipline in the astudents. Students are very good(90% of them )and remember the college even after they leave the campus. A feed back from the students will help take care of things.

BMSCE has got accreditition for 9 departments. It is because of the team effort of teachers,non teaching staff,students,alumni,parents with the support of the management. What other example I have to Quote.
But lot more things are to be done to keep in pace with the quality requirement and need of the industry . Lot more things needs to be done to motivate the students and build self confidence,build soft skills and ensure over all growth of the student.

When I brouse through various sites I notice several BMSCE alumni holding very high positions in India and Abroad.

I request all the alumni and the concerned to help in this directions. Give constructive suggestions , ideas and other inputs and this will help us to know our weaknesses.

The Management of BMSCE is willing to do everything to make the Institution a great one worthy of its founder.

Dr.K.Radhakrishna, Professor, Dept of Mech Engg.
Dean PG Studies and Principal Evening College


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