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Response to letters from Alumni – BMSCE IAA by Dr. PSS

Posted by bmsceiaa on November 19, 2006

From: “Satyanarayana P.S” <>
Date: Mon Jul 5, 2004 7:33 am
Subject: Response to letters from Alumni

Dear Kumarswamy,

I did scan about 40 e-mails with lot of patience. I would like to highlight some obsevations.

1. Some alumni have blamed BMSCE and their teachers for not having quality , qualification and dedication for teaching. It may be true in one or two departments prior to 1990s but not now.One cannot come to a conclusion because of his /her bitter experiences instead of analysing their weaknesses/deficiencies . First of all he/she should be obidient to their parents and behave properly with their teachers. Arrogant behaviour will defenitely not impress anybody.Teaching in our country in general is a spoonfeeding affair. It is not as is in USA.Don’t you have worst slums than in INDIA ? How about the crime rate? Aren’t there corrupt people in America?So, don’t blame if there are one or two or three corrupts in BMSCE.

2. After the demise of Sri. B.S.Narayan the institution was taken over by the Govt. of Karnataka and a new set of Trustees are appointed by the high court. The Trust is headed by Justice. Ashwathnarayan Rao( as a rule ) and Chairman of BOM is Dr. K.H.Cheluvaraju former VC of Gulbarga University( again as a rule). The member secretary is Mr. M.R.Srinivasamurthy, IAS officer(as a rule).The managemnet has been sriving very hard to improve the quality and standard of BMSCE as a whole They are trying to get rid of as many unscrupulous people as possible at the earliest.They are not hesitating to take severe actions against teachers also(three people are now facing dissmissal action ) Under this management all the nine departments which had applied for accrreditation have got it for minimum three years( Civil and Chemical -5year, EE , ECE, TCE,CSE,ISE,MECH and IEM -3 years) w.e.f June 11, 2004. All parents and alumni who had a closed door meeting with NBA Committee of 18 people ,have expressed excellent opinion about BMSCE. Accordingly I discount the bad remarks made by 6 alumni out of 40 e-mails I have read.Majority of you have got admissions in US not because of your virtues but because of Name and Fame of BMSCE in US and the recommendations given by your teachers have helped you in getting assistantships.

3. From this year ie., 2004-05 academic year 100% admissions will be through Govt. of Karnataka. No question of donations , under hand dealing of any kind and no middlemen.

4. It is true that IAA has instituted merit cum means scholarships worth RS.5000/- each for atleast 3 students in each branch( when we speak in terms of your currency , it may be 0.5cents for each of you ! )

5. When the management has been very desciplined and has to look after two Engg . colleges now ( BMSCE and BMSIT at Yelehanka) the HODs are not in a position to convince and obtain grants for the developmental plans of their departments. For eg.,

a) Issuing merit certificates to TEN TOPPERS in each semester
b) In addition , issue certificates to Ten toppers of Seventh semester on aggregate basis ( aggregate from 1 to 7 semester ) plus a farewell party
c) Nowadays ( almost one decade ) farewell partys are given by the 2,4 and 6 Semester students by making collections of Rs.100/-, Rs.100/- and Rs 50/- respectively. Whatever be the shortfall will be made good by the HOD and his faculty. This practice is true for ECE, CSE and ISe departments as far as I know.

If the Alumni are generous in making contributions towards this end, we need not tax the juniors (The expenditure for ECE department amounts to Rs.25,000/- pa which includes lunch / dinner , entertainment, speech by out going students ,speech by teachers and advice by a very respectable chief guest.This will amount to 2.5cents for you per annum ! ) Am I wrong in making this request ?

Further in ECE department I have introduced a incentive scheme for teachers from 2002 onwards. This is to give a merit certificate and a Cash award of Rs.1000/- to the teacher in whos course/subject more than 80% students score more than 80% marks excluding IA marks(class marks).

Can I demand financial assistance for all these things from the management?

If you are able to help for a cause do it . Unnecessary chating through e-mails blming your institute is bad.If you cannot do anything does not matter. Be kind enough not to abuse your mother and motherland.

Whatever accusations of corrupt practices I have read about MCA HOD may kindly be e-mailed to our management. IAA knows the e-mail address. Definitely action will be initiated.For your kindest information Instrumentation HOD was demoted for such reasons only immediately when it was brought to the notice of mgmt. without naming I would like to mention that one HOD stepped down just a week back before being dethrown and another HOD will be shortly replaced.

Expecting a pleasant reply from all of you.

Yours , always yours affectionately

Dr. P.S.Satyanarayana
HOD, ECE dept.

Phone.(R) 91-080-26720510 (M)91-9845332960

Account No of HOD ,ECE at ALLAHABAD BANK, BMSCE campus is 13471


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