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Priya Narasimhan – Assistant Professor of ECE and SCS

Posted by bmsceiaa on November 19, 2006

Priya Narasimhan
Assistant Professor of ECE and SCS

DEPT : Electrical & Computer Engineering
OFFICE : A303 Hamerschlag Hall
TELEPHONE : (412) 268-8801
FAX : (412) 268-2338
ASSISTANT : Matthew Koeske

Ph.D., 1999
Electrical & Computer Engineering
U.C. Santa Barbara

M.S., 1995
Electrical & Computer Engineering
U.C. Santa Barbara

B.S., 1993
Physics, Mathemetics, & Electronics
BMS College for Women


My research interests encompass all aspects of dependable distributed systems. In particular, my research focuses on dependability for embedded and enterprise applications based on middleware, such as EJB, Java RMI, CORBA, DCOM, Web Services and OSGi. My current research projects include the development of distributed systems and tools aimed at:

Real-Time Fault-Tolerant Middleware Today’s middleware standards make it possible to have either real-time or fault tolerance in isolation. Supporting both real-time and fault tolerance is challenging because the two QoS properties often impose conflicting requirements on the system. This research focuses on strategies (i.) to reconcile these conflicts, (ii.) to identify the real-time vs. fault tolerance trade-offs, and (iii.) to continue to deliver adequate real-time and fault tolerance, even in the face of faults and changing resources.

Adaptive Survivable Infrastructures Systems are increasingly being connected to the Internet, which is an inherently unreliable, insecure communication medium that is susceptible to network partitioning and disconnected operation. This is aggravated further when an application straddles multiple different enterprises, each with its own security/reliability strategies and guarantees. This research focuses on developing adaptive survivable infrastructures to support Internet-based applications that must continue to operate in the face of faults, malicious attacks, loss of resources, software upgrades, different user/usage profiles and different applications.

As natural extensions of these research areas, I am also interested in survivability for wireless systems, metrics to quantify the dependability of systems, and mechanisms for proactive fault tolerance and recovery.

I have designed and implemented systems, such as Eternal and Immune, to provide transparent reliability (protection against crash and communication faults) and survivability (additional protection in the face of malicious subversion of parts of the system), respectively, to CORBA and Java applications. My experience with developing these systems led to my participation in establishing the Fault Tolerant CORBA industrial standard. As the CTO and VP of Engineering of Eternal Systems, Inc., I have had the additional opportunity to witness the results of my research have a commercial impact.


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Narasimhan Appointed to ACM Doctoral Dissertation Subcommittee
Narasimhan Wins Best Paper Award at Joint Systems and Software Engineering Symposium
Narasimhan Receives NSF Career Award
Narasimhan Wins IBM Faculty Partnership Award


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