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Ms. Manasi Prasad, a BMS College of Engineering student and MF Fellow

Posted by bmsceiaa on November 19, 2006

Ms. Manasi Prasad, a BMS College of Engineering student and MF Fellow

Traditional dance and music from India in Chile

Ms. Manasi Prasad, a BMS College of Engineering student and MF Fellow,
will be performing a traditional dance show and workshop
at Bolivariana University in Santiago de Chile.

This is an effort made by the Academic Area of the Melton Foundation and
the Drama School of the Bolivariana University in Santiago de Chile,
in the frame of the event “Encuentro con la Cultura de la India” –
Encounter with the Indian Culture —sponsored by the Indian Embassy in Chile.

The show and workshops on “Bharatanatyam” will be held next
Saturady, April 24th from 11:00 to 22:00 Hrs.
at Sala Bolivariana / Moneda 2460,
Metro Estación República, Santiago de Chile

Tickets and reservations at:
Moneda 2460, Santiago, Chile
Phones: 56-2-6827011

BMSCE IAA is proud of BMSite Ms. Manasi Prasad


BMSite Ms. Manasi Prasad’s a Melton Fellow program in Chile a big success

Exotic night with Indian arts in Temuco

More than 300 people attended Manasi Prasad´s Indian arts performance at the Teatro Municipal in Temuco, Chile; the most important stage in the Araucanía Region.

The show involved Carnatic music and Bharatanatyam dance, both traditional classic arts from India.

Manasi Prasad also shared her knowledge and experience with dancing and drama schools in Temuco, giving two workshops on Bharatanatyam during her visit to the Araucanía capital.

Due to the big success Prasad had in Santiago last week, she will be doing an extra performance before leaving the country. This will be held in Santiago at the Corporación Cultural Las Condes on Tuesday, May 4th, at 19:30 hrs.

This presentation is sponsored by the Melton Foundation, the Indian Embassy and the Drama School of Bolivariana University.


hi mansi,
i am ur huge fan!!!!!!!
i also have done ur sketch!
i dint get ur photo, so i took the photo which was in the the “vartha vahani”
that photo was not so clear!
but somehow i have done.
i was also in the finearts team in BMS college( same college).
i am reallly impressed with ur talent.
plz give me ur email id so that i could scan and send it to u.
i need a good photo ,so that i can draw in a good fashion,
i u wish give me.
my email id is ”


Hey guru prasad why dont u add that image here? Let all of us see that. 


13 Responses to “Ms. Manasi Prasad, a BMS College of Engineering student and MF Fellow”

  1. m.srinivasan jt.secy.kalasagaram,secunderabad said

    dear manasi,this is just a reminder reg.yr wishes.srinivasan

  2. Parvatan said

    I love your voice like the way I love my mom….i feel blessed when i listen to your voice and your music.. it is always rejuvenating and lingering in my ears…Wat can i say….I cant let your voice apart becaz it is always in my heart…….

  3. hola y un buen dia (namaste)quiesiera q me ayudes a poder seguir todas tus habilidades,todas las destrezas como te has desempeñado en esta meta de aprender toda la cultura milenaria de la india,mira yo estoy planeando hacer una pelicula indu,quiesiera q me apoyes en esto, ya que es mi mayor sueño, asi como tu lograstes tus sueños quiesiera q me ayudes a lograr el mio.

  4. namaste quiesiera q me audes a cumplir mis sueños , solo lo lograre con tu apoyo

  5. Gowtham said

    Its quite interesting to know that being an IIM student you have devoted your time to music.. Glad to know that you want to do something in Music.. I too love music a lot.I finished my BE from SJCE,Mysore in 2007 and want to become a singer,but I have no exposure,I have completed my junior classes in carnatic music and I will be grateful for any help or suggestions from you.
    Thank you..

  6. Gowtham said

    My email id is

  7. aruna said

    I do not appreciate an act as silly as this just to become popular or for media attention by Ms.Manasi.Every year,lakhs and lakhs of people strive hard day in day out to get in to one of the IIMs so that they can get a good high paid jobs and take care of their poor family.Only people who want to be in the corporate industry get in to IIM. Didnt Manasi know of her dream before. Wasting one seat and then a big job like that is a loss to other students who know what it is like to prepare for CAT with all their money,blood and life. There are so many unintelligent people who are ambitious but poor and hence give CAT for more than 10 times in their career just for a good job!!!Just because she is born gifted and intelligent doesnt mean she does something as crazy as this.If management studies is all what she wanted, she could studied in many other equally good institutes like SPJIMR,symbiosis where it wouldnt be considered as wasting a seat as getting into these instituties are not difficult or a lifetime task.IIMs dont teach anything close to practical MBA education if at all she opens a school of music in the future(IIM of her own). Any other appropriate MBA course in an equally prestigious college suiting her needs would have been sufficient.

    • Vidushi Manasi Prasad’s achievements are par excellence. She has demonstrated and has been demonstrating what even a ‘mechanical’ engineering degree holder can perform in ‘fine arts’. Usually engineering students or any technical degree holders are averse to fine arts and this great personality has shown the world even going a step ahead, that even a top notch management graduate from no less an institution such as IIM Bangalore can achieve and even outbeat great musicians. I have heard Vidushi Manasi Prasad’s Avadhana pallavi in Gayana Samaj. Excellent performance. In fact that day I was attending with my daughters and my teacher Vidushi Sachidevi even shared my feeling that Vidwan RK Srikantan could have devoted more time on Manasi Prasad’s Avadhana Pallavi concert than he did.
      Kudos to Manasi Prasad, let her tribe be on the rise. God bless her. I donot see any person anywhere in the world so talented, a scientist, an enginner, a management expert, who is excellent in bharatha natyam, classical music, English language,, what not. I wish my daughters would rise to even 1 percent of Manasi Prasad’s achievements in fine arts.

  8. Sriram said

    Aruna, some people are multi-talented. And maybe she can use her management skills in music as well. She actually does, she presents her concerts really well. She gives a short, sweet intro to each song and her dance dramas are also well organized. And again, there is nothing like wasting a seat! If people are good enough to get into an IIM, then why would they try 10 times? Keep your BS to yourself and learn to appreciate talent.

  9. sakthivel said

    I support Sri ram.. It is her personal decision . One should not interfer.. its like many poor and village students try to get through MBBS to serve to village. but those who get govt. seat and fly to US and other country… Will aruna will worry for that?
    We should be proud of people whi got multitalented..,. I was totally imressed by her skill and attitude, sacrifice towards music and arts. She did some thing which no one does….in the materialistic world.

  10. said

    Individual decision is a personal matter and should be respected. That is the basic value democracy affords to its people. India being a vibrant democracy though messy provides for the most part equal opportunities and also struggles to address any inequalities. That is the beauty of India. If Manasi, Aruna or anyone choose to do MBA or whatever they want to do it is their right. Manasi is an exemplary person. She might have been born with natural talents but I believe it does not take anything away from her in terms of her relentless dedication and focus. I am sure she applies the skills that she acquired in her IIM studies to her concerts and the results speaks for themselves. I have attended many of her concerts and she has brought tears and joy to me and transported me to a dreamworld of extreme bliss. She has even changed my own thinking about the purpose of my life and has clearly convinced me that there is a world away from the materialistic world and life is lot more precious when connected to spirituality. She brings this connection very beautifully by explaining the verses from Thiruppavai, Manku Thimmanna Kagga, Meera Bai or the works of Saint Tyagaraja and others. I am sure there are many more like her chasing their dreams not only in arts but in other fields and I have nothing but praise for them and wish them success. Good going Manasi. Keep chasing your dreams.

  11. a.naga bhushana said

    manasi prasad is exemplary and multifaceted personality.she is an outstanding carnatic vocalist.
    in addition she is an accamplished dancer.inspite of all this she has done exceedingly well in acadamics.
    she has done B.E. and M.B.A.from I.I.M. any job is there for asking but she wants to be in bangalore and pursue her music.she is now married and professionally too she is doing very well and that too on her own.may god give her good health and vigour to continue and succeed in all that he she has undertaken.

  12. I think something may be wrong in my browser, I don’t see the post well. I am running firefox.

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