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BMSCE is a partner institution in Melton Foundation

Posted by bmsceiaa on November 19, 2006

BMSCE is a partner institution in Melton Foundation

The Melton Foundation was publicly announced on October 13, 1990. This as a result of it’s Founder’s vision to form a community of talented people from different cultures who could interact and address global issues based on principles of open communication and mutual respect, using technology as a communication tool.

It was 1989 when global evidence of political, social and economic change was present worldwide, and that the idea of building this global network came to life… When asked how it all started, William Melton recalls… “I remember a trip to Berlin, back in 1989, little after the wall went down, that Patricia and I wondered what the result of mixing talented people, with a right set of tools and a healthy environment would create”

The Melton Foundation guiding principle:
“The Melton Foundation is committed to bringing positive change in the world through a network of people from diverse cultures empowered by lasting bond of friendship, open communication and mutual respect”

The Melton Foundation is 501(C)(3) Organization based in the state of Virginia, USA.

Partner Institutions


Established in 1946, BMS College of Engineering has been part of the Melton network since 1992. BMS is located in Bangalore, the Garden City and Silicon Valley of India.

The Melton Foundation goes to India in 1992.

On Jan 29 -30, 1992 Drs. Charles and Harriet Semeke visited FSU. After the visit in Jena, the Semekes continued on to India and spent several days in Bangalore. With the assistance of personnel from the office of Verifone, Inc. In Bangalore, six institutions were visited and after meetings with administrators and faculty at each of these institutions, B. M.S. College of Engineering (BMS), associated to Bangalore University, were chosen as the site for the Melton Foundation Program in India. Mr. B. S. Narayan, Founder Trustee, became the fourth member of the Board of Directors. The following were appointed to be the Task Team: Prof. S. Haranath, Prof. S. R. Krishnamurthy, Prof. S. Nagaraj, Prof. Brahmanya Vittal Rao, and Prof. M. S. Srinivasan (Chairperson).

First Symposium

The First Symposium was held in Le Mars, Iowa at the WU Campus in august 1992. Fellows and Task team from WU, FSU and Task Team members of BMS attended this event.

Third Symposium

The third annual Symposium was held from September 9 to 17, 1994, in Bangalore, India, with B. M. S. College as hosts. It was attended by 70 participants from the five member institutions.

Seventh Symposium

The annual symposium was held from 12- 20, 1998 at FSU In Germany….. The words of Sowmya Gowri (BMS) undersore the importance of this MF event saying that when she was a new fellow, she could not understand how one week could be so wonderful that fellows who attended talk about it for a whole year.

Eighth Symposium

The symposium was held at BMS in Bangalore in July 31 – August 1999.

At the symposium in Bangalore, Kanchana Hegde (BMS) was selected to the New Position that was created in MF. Her work as Lead Fellow in organizing and hosting the 1999 symposium had proved that she was capable, as well as personable leader. However, she latter decided that she could not accept the position.

At symposium in Bangalore it was announced that Siddarth Yedur would become the new Alumni Director in the Spring of 2000. Siddarth was chosen as a BMS Melton Fellow in the summer of 1994 and helped to host the first symposium in India that September. Since completing his studies at BMS in 1997, he was a graduate student at UFRO.

Siddarth Yedur (BMS) ended his term as Alumni Network Director in the year 2002.

Sri. M. R. Srinivasamurthy, Donor Trustee of BMSCE Trust is on the Board Of Directors of Melton Foundation.


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