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About the Melton Foundation-BMS Alumni from the foundation

Posted by bmsceiaa on November 19, 2006

Part 1 – About the Melton Foundation
Part 2 – BMS Alumni from the foundation.

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The Melton Foundation was established over 10 years ago as a result of it’s Founder’s vision to form a community of talented people from different
cultures who could interact and address global issues based on principles of open communication and mutual respect, using technology as a communication tool.

It was 1989 when global evidence of political, social and economic change
was present worldwide, that the idea of building this global network came to life… When asked how it all started, Dr. William Melton recalls… “I
remember a trip to Berlin, back in 1989, little after the wall went down,
that Patricia and I wondered what the result of mixing talented people, with a right set of tools and a healthy environment would create”

The Melton Foundation Guiding principle:

“The Melton Foundation is committed to bringing positive change in the world through a network of people from diverse cultures empowered by lasting bond of friendship, open communication and mutual respect”

The Founders:

* William (Bill) Melton, is the founder and Chairman of the Board of
Directors of Global Internet Ventures, an Internet Holding Company. For more than 20 years, Mr. Melton has been an entrepreneur bringing technology to the financial industry. He was the original founder of VeriFone Inc, the transaction automation company that has made credit authorization terminals ubiquitous on retail counters throughout the world. He was also an early investor in America Online and served on its Board of Directors for several years. He currently serves on the BOD for several private early stage technology companies. He holds a master’s degree in Asian Studies and Chinese Philosophy.

* Patricia Smith Melton, The Melton Foundation Co founder, is an active
member of our daily operations. Patricia, she is a Board member and
consultant to the Foundation, actively involved in the global forum and in
the conflict resolution project. Patricia is a playwright with productions
throughout the U.S. A photographer who has taught at the Smithsonian
Institution, a poet, and an entrepreneur. Currently her work is mainly
oriented to founding and directing the PEACE X PEACE Global Network. This organization uses the internet to connect women-based groups in the U.S. in one-to-one relationships with women-based groups working in their home nations outside the U.S. The aim is to foster the conditions necessary to achieve and maintain peace.

Partner Institutes
BMS College of Engineering, Bangalore, India
Friedrich Schiller Universität, Jena, Germany
Zhejiang University, Hangzhou, China
Universidad de La Frontera, Temuco, Chile
Dillard University, New Orleans, USA

Part II

BMS Alumni from the MF

The BMS Alumni is group of diverse people. The alumni are geographically
distributed around the globe, although a major concentration of the alumni
is in India and in the U.S. Most of the alumni in India are living in
Bangalore. One alumnus – Sushanth Ananth is in England, while another –
Siddarth Yedur is in Chile.

The number of people jumping onto the marriage and the parenthood wagons is increasing every year. Last year Nandini Subramanian, Srividya Gurunath, Tara Thomas, Shankar Venkataraman and Chetana Shanbhag got married. Among the alumni who had kids last year are Mukund Rao and Girish N. So the BMS alumni are an eclectic bunch of people, some with kids and some still feeling like kids themselves.

Most of the BMS alumni are in the high tech industry or in the business
sector. The group is a blend of engineers, consultants, managers and
students pursuing their masters.

Something that people have started to do, sometimes even without consciously attempting to do so, is to leverage the Melton Network. The BMS alumni have formed a pool of professionals and help each other out with job openings, tips about the industry, advice on career etc. Jyotsna Pattabiraman has created a Yahoo Group for career opportunities, which is open for all Melton Alumni, and this has been a huge success. When alumni are looking for jobs, or a switch in career, or for advice on career moves, the BMS alumni pool forms a great forum to talk about it and use each other’s contact pool. Manyof the alumni mentor the fellows, telling them about the foundation and their experiences.

On the whole, BMS Alumni associate to the Foundation at different levels –
some perceive it as an international network, some interact on a
professional interests level, some just like to keep in touch with their
friends and some like to work on projects. But definitely the BMS alumni see the Foundation as an umbrellas for these varied perspectives.


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