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Meeting Minutes: BMS 1980 Silver Jubillee Celebration – Conference Call Sat Mar 5th 2005

Posted by bmsceiaa on November 18, 2006

Meeting Minutes : BMS 1980 – Silver Jubillee Celebration – Conference Call Sat Mar 5th 11:4… 


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Subj: Meeting Minutes : BMS 1980 – Silver Jubillee Celebration – Conference Call Sat Mar 5th 11:4… 


Hi All:


We had a very productive conference call on March 5 for the BMSCE 1980 Silver Jubilee Celebration.  Attendees for the meeting were:  Mr. Kumaraswamy�71 (CA), Mr. Satyen�69 (TX), Vijay Lathia�80 (MA), Anil Kumar�80 (VA), Krishna Murthy�80 (MI), Veena�92 ( UK ), and Sharmili�99 (KY). 


Main topics for discussion were:

         Silver Jubilee date.  We would like to set this date for most folks to attend. 

o       Consensus was to have dates coincide school-off week.  Taking into account both east/west coast we are looking at weekend of Jun 25, Jul 2, Jul 9, Jul 16, Jul 23 and July 30.

o       Folks of 1980 batch please let us know if you are planning to be in Bangalore during these weeks.

         Event is open to everyone; however the main attraction will be the 1980 Silver Jubilee Celebration. During the function we will honor with certificates:

o       Professors who taught during 1975-80.

o       Each batch of 1980.

o       Individuals of 1980 batch nominated by their classmates.

o       Certificates will be mailed to folks who can not attend.


Spreading word among batch of 1980.  So far, we have good participation from Electronics and Civil branch.  We need folks from Mechanical and Electrical branch to help in getting their class group pictures and contact information.  Please forward them soon to Mr. Kumaraswamy.  Here are the assignee for Civil and Electronics groups

o       Contacts and pledges for Civil batch Anil Kumar/ Krishna Murthy for US and Krishna Naidoo/Dev Sitaram for India contacts/pledges .

o       Contacts and Pledges for Electronics Srinivas Dabir / Ashok Kumar for US, Gridhar Boray / Tara Nawaz for India .

o       Arun Kumar is contact for Mechanical branch; he will help in getting emails and class picture.

o       Need help in finding folks from Electrical batch and participation from 1980 folks in India.

         1980 batch is setting an initial goal to provide scholarship for next 5 years.  Scholarship for a year costs around Rs. 5000.  Please support this effort.  Money collected from all 1980 batches will be collectively given towards the scholarship.

         Giridhar and Tara will help in extending invitation to the professors of 1980 batch.  They will be attending upcoming March 19th BMSCE-IAA meeting at BMS.

         We are looking for help with certificates, yearbook and T-Shirts for the event.

         Sharmili will help with managing Web page for 1980 batch on  We will post 1980 group, individual and professors pictures here.   Please also send your favorite inspirational/best-wish quotes for wesite and yearbook to Kumaraswamy.


Again this is your event, so please participate and help wherever way you can, please forward your questions and commnets..  As a batch of 1980, we are breaking grounds to start this for Alumni celebration 1st time, so lets make it a great success. 

Vijay Lathia, (Graduating batch of 1980 Electronics)

978-808-2510 (cell ph)

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In a message dated 3/4/2005 6:35:42 AM Pacific Standard Time, writes:

Conference Call #

Date/Time:  Mar 5th Saturday 11:45 AM. 

Dial-in Number: (712) 824-4000
Access code: 997404#

Hello Vijay,

Thanks for everything and for initiative in doing this.  Timing is OK with me.

IS IT EST ? If yes

Then WestCoast time is 8:45 AM – This is OK with me

Then Central Tine is: 10:45 AM

Please let us know about this.



V. M. Kumaraswamy



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  1. salope cul said

    Hi from australia, good review. I will come back next week to see what’s new.

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