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State of BMSCE

Posted by bmsceiaa on November 17, 2006

 State of BMSCE

From: “Vasant Honavar”
To: “‘Vasant Honavar'” ,
“‘Venkatappa Kumaraswamy'”
Subject: RE: State of BMSCE
Date: Sun, 11 Jul 2004 14:29:37 -0500

Fellow BMSCE alumni:

I am glad to see a free discussion of the positive as well as negative experiences that the alumni had during their studies at BMSCE, and the response from Professors Radhakrishna and Satyanarayana. There is no doubt in my mind that over the years, BMSCE has provided solid undergraduate education in Engineering. Many BMSCE alumni have done well in industry and academia.

This does not mean that BMSCE has been free of problems. Hence, I find nothing wrong with individuals who had experience with incompetent or corrupt faculty or members of administration coming forward with their experiences. Recognizing that a problem exists is a prerequisite for fixing it. I am glad to hear that the BMSCE administration and several department heads have begun to take steps to rectify some of the problems.

BMSCE has many dedicated faculty, an active alumni group, and a student body concerned with the quality of education.
I have every reason to believe that the dialogue that has been initiated by the alumni with the BMSCE administration will further strengthen BMSCE and make it a better institution.

Based on my experience as a professor at a large university, here are a few – I hope, constructive – suggestions:

BMSCE needs a professional looking web page – one that provides information about the credentials of its faculty, qualifications of the incoming class, performance of BMSCE students in university-wide exams, placement data about its alumni.

Each department in BMSCE probably could use an external advisory board – made of industrial and academic leaders – including its own alumni who have distinguished themselves in academia and industry.

Perhaps a system of student evaluation of teaching could be put in place to provide feedback to faculty. It might also be useful to collect feedback from graduating students and alumni and use it along with other data (placement of graduates, accreditation, etc.) to evaluate the programs offered by BMSCE and make any necessary adjustments.

BMSCE should do whatever it can to attract the best qualified students. I am glad to hear that the practice of collecting  “donations” which were in effect bribes for admitting students with questionable credentials is being abolished starting in 2004-2005. 

BMSCE should hire the best qualified faculty – if necessary, by offering salaries and work environments that are competitive with those offered by competing institutions (e.g., the  IITs).

The institution needs to maintain good relations with the alumni and industry and set up an aggressive, professionally managed, independently audited, fundraising campaign. It is not a bad idea to set up an office that is responsible for alumni, public, and industrial relations, and fundraising.

It would be good to have a regular series of external speakers and possibly visiting lecturers – drawn from academia and industry to visit BMSCE, give lectures, collaborate with BMSCE faculty, and meet with students. It would make sense for BMSCE faculty, students, and alumni to participate in organizing major national or international scientific conferences in Bangalore. It might be a good idea to have an alumni day or homecoming once a year to improve interactions with the alumni.

In order to focus alumni effort it would be helpful if BMSCE administration, in consultation with faculty and students, identified a prioritized list of critical needs. Some possibilities include setting up scholarships for meritorious but needy students, contributions for improving laboratory and library facilities, help securing support from industry, arranging cooperative arrangements and student and faculty exchanges with other institutions arranging or giving technical seminars on topics of mutual interest.

I hope the students, faculty, administration, and alumni can work together to turn things around for the better. I know BMSCE has excellent faculty, and now, thanks to Mr. Kumaraswamy and other alumni, a vocal and supportive alumni organization, so I have confidence that the future of BMSCE will be even brighter than the past.

Best wishes,

Vasant Honavar

Professor and Director, Artificial Intelligence Research Laboratory

Professor and Director, Computational Intelligence, Learning, and Discovery Initiative

Professor and Chair, Bioinformatics and Computational Biology

Professor and Director of Research

Department of Computer Science

Iowa State University


6 Responses to “State of BMSCE”

  1. Harsha said

    Yes, BMSCE does need more effort on improving its technical infrastructure and its technical expertise.
    This article represents the current state of BMSCE, lets restore the old lost glory of this college.

  2. Yogesh N. said

    Good Points by Vasant!

    An ugly child that is beautifully dressed is still an ugly child! The operational aspect of the college i.e. the process of education delivery at BMSCE needs to be improved first before they can fix anything. I can never forget the way Prof.S.R.Krishnamurthy (The famous SRK) messed up my batch’s scores. The erstwhile Bangalore University expected our final year internal scores in a scale of 1-50. Although SRK knew this fully well, He sent our scores in a scale of 1-10. My score was sent to the university as 8 (out of 10). The university interpreted this as 8/50 while it should have been 40/50. The 32 marks I lost did not make a big change in my score, but there were others who went from being a distinction to first class or went from being a first class to second class degree holders. SRK did this because of some dumb political issue he had with the university. We students were made to suffer for his grouse. Numerous students from information sciences branch have fallen a victim to this political issue of his. Then there was the famous quarrel of his with Indira-amma.

    That problem pales in comparison to the fact that we did not have a teacher for Electronics Devices-II, for an entire year!!! We studied for the exam by ourselves and wrote the exam. Can you imagine that?

    I know that no one from BMS college is going to read this website and I don’t expect anything positive to happen. The people who are supposed to be the guardians providing oversight don’t care about the quality of education that is delivered to the students.

    Sorry for writing this negative report, We can choose to cover our eyes and sing praises because we graduated from BMSCE, but this is the truth! I don’t think things will change until the people in the board who are supposed to provide oversight are fired and replaced by some competent people.

    I wish the students of BMS College Good Luck! Please remember Gandhi’s famous adage “Self help is the best help”,
    IS&T 1994.

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  4. Gurudatta K.N. said

    Hello to Mr.Vasant, Harsha & Yogesh.

    I do find that, the current state of education at the engineering level needs to be on the innovative front, with a college like the BMSCE, it would be of more importance considering the kind of interest it generates in the job sector for the campus recruitment.

    I have infact tasted some of the hardships an alumni faces once he/she is out of the college, and still would keep counting that some day the role of an alumni in a college is treated beyond the terms of “financial contributions”..

    For instance, i am very thankful to BMSCE, that i got introduced to the field of GIS in my student days, which occupied maximum interest from my side, to the extent that today i work as a Project Leader in a French based GIS firm.

    As I work each day, I not only have to manage close to 30 minds at work, i have to be innovative in the process of project management. I do have many engineering recruits fresh out of college, and inspite of all their very fantastic projects in the final year, they all are so nervous and out of tune to the actual requirements at work.

    Many times, i wonder how helpful it would be if BMSCE, allows its alumni on a regular basis, so as to share their experiences to the budding engineers. I am a firm beliver of “failure is the stepping stone to success”.. at same time i wonder, if we as the alumni give a hint on the causes of failure, wouldn’t the fresh graduates who enter the work stream be more prepared to face the work challanges?

    I have tried to approach BMSCE, with the same thought but at many occassions i have noticed that the recognition to the achivements of the alumni is not widely reaching to the existing students, since the medium of communication between the alumni and the students would be the faculty.

    The best known person of interaction to an alumni is the faculty, and the role of the faculty is very important to bridge the link between the students and the alumni.

    From what i have tasted as an alumni so far, the student community thinks that the Alumni are the persons, who chip in with hefty financial contributions to the institutions especially during the big events of cultural interests.

    Its very much in the hands of the faculty not only to bridge the gap between the student and the alumni, also to show the different facets of an alumni.



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