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IAA Information and IAA’s Planned Activities on November 21st 2004

Posted by bmsceiaa on November 17, 2006

IAA Information and IAA’s Planned Activities on November 21st 2004

Date:  Sun, 21 Nov 2004 16:24:31 -0800 (PST)
From:  “BMSCE IAA” <>

Subject: IAA Information and IAA’s Planned Activities –
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B.M.S. College of Engineering, International Alumni Association 

BMSCE IAA embrace the fact that today’s students are tomorrow’s Alumni

BMSCE IAA by TEAM effort reaching out to BMS ALUMNI’s across


Together Everyone Achieves More ” TEAM “


IAA Bangalore Committee has emphasized the importance of BMSCE-IAA and how it is different from other alumni associations in its approach and objectives. IAA has reitrated the necessity of accelerating the efforts to achieve the goals.
IAA aims to be more proactive than other existing alumni associations. As we not only aspire to offer scholarships to deserving students, but also wish to conduct technical seminars, Talks and paper presentations on a regular basis apart from carrier – higher learning counseling and Job placement information.

IAA will be working with all the Departments HOD’s and Staff. Now IAA has assigned IAA members to different departments to work and to gather information of all Departments.

IAA is working with BMSCE Mountaineering Club “BMSCEMC” and planning to work with other BMS Students Associations existing at different departments at BMSCE.

IAA Moto……..

The alumni owes it to their alma mater to come back and interact with students.


Through IAA , alumni can discharge their obligation towards their college.


Alumni’s to take sense of pride and responsibility for doing these things in IAA.


IAA / ALUMNI can help and guide students at the college.

IAA / ALUMNI can become MENTOR and we all can share the knowledge with students.

IAA / ALUMNI can arrange for your companies to go to college.

IAA / ALUMNI can give monthly classes in different subjects at college.

IAA / ALUMNI can help students who can’t afford to pay the fees of college.

IAA / ALUMNI can establish scholarships and assistantships for students at college.

IAA / ALUMNI can help the students in coming up.

IAA / ALUMNI can invite students from college to visit companies to understand the working conditions of different companies.

IAA / ALUMNI can visit the campus and share thoughts with Faculty and Students.

IAA / ALUMNI can help it’s alma mater by giving suggestions and recomendations on improvements of it’s website, different departments and other usefull information to make our alma mater a known educational institution all around the world.

IAA / ALUMNI can work with departments and promote it.

IAA / ALUMNI can help in developing the laboratories.

IAA / ALUMNI can help the departments by procuring latest softwares.

IAA / ALUMNI can help in tieing up with some industries for Industry-Institute Interaction.

IAA / ALUMNI can help the depatment libraries (Bysubscribing some magazines, Books etc.,)

IAA / ALUMNI can help by conducting the work shops for faculty and students on latest advancements in the technology.

IAA / ALUMNI can come and give Lectures for students on latest technologies.

IAA / ALUMNI can help in doing the following (suggestions from HOD):

HODs are not in a position to convince and obtain grants for the developmental plans of their departments. For eg.,

a) Issuing merit certificates to TEN TOPPERS in each semester.

b) In addition , issue certificates to Ten toppers of Seventh semester on aggregate basis (aggregate from 1 to 7 semester) plus a farewell party.

c) Now a days ( almost one decade ) farewell partys are given by the 2, 4 and 6 Semester students by making collections of Rs.100/-, Rs.100/- and Rs 50/- respectively. Whatever be the shortfall will be made good by the HOD and his faculty. This practice is true for ECE, CSE and ISE departments.

Further in ECE department has introduced a Incentive scheme for Teachers from 2002 onwards. This is to give a Merit Certificate and a Cash award of Rs.1000/- to the teacher in whose course /subject more than 80% students score more than 80% marks excluding Internal Assesment marks (class marks).

WHAT IAA has done and planned to implement…….

1. Please visit BMSCE IAA website:

2. IAA and BMSCE Discussion Forum

3. BMSCE-IAA Global Platform Yahoogroup


BMSCE IAA requesting BMS Students, BMSites to become member of this BMS GLOBAL PLATFORM by sending an email to subscribe to the membership of BMSCE IAA.

4. BMSCEIAAJOBS · BMSCE IAA Placement Information


BMSCE IAA is posting all the JOB openings here in this yahoogroup. This is done for the benefit of all BMS Students and BMSites. This being used by BMS Students and appreciated by BMS Students, BMSCE Management and BMS Staff.

5. BMSCE IAA Membership Information Application

6. IAA_Mentoring Program

The following are some the actions of IAA that are planned to reach out to students.
· Career counseling
· Further studies guidance
· Preparation for campus interview
· Helping out with projects

The first step will be a mock test to be conducted. These are the tasks that need to be carried out.

· Formulation of the question papers.
· Permission from the principal to conduct the same.

· Awareness through posters, word of mouth and departments.

· Meeting to decide on the particulars of the same.

Mock interviews and seminars held by more experienced members/non-members.

Thus the need to rope in more alumni from earlier semesters.

Conduction of test along with the placement cell.

Other issues, topics and ideas were:

· Having 2 representatives from each class
· Finance
· e-mentoring
· Melton group
· Spreading IAA awareness

The following is the action plan of IAA.  This is taken at a IAA meeting.

Setting the question papers: Aptitude and technical papers.

Permission from the principal of BMSCE to conduct the same.
Awareness. Reach out to students of 6th semester through HOD’s and students. Also making posters and pamphlets for the same.

Vision – “To make BMS the best non-IIT institution in the nation by 2010”

This VISION was suggested by one BMS ALUMNI currently in USA

7. IAA_ Indivdual Department Committees are working and good things are coming out of this for IAA and BMSCE.


IAA_Civil Department Committee- Vikram Dogra
IAA_Mechanical Department Committee- Abhijith Mukunda
IAA_Medical Electronics Department Committee- Shibaji Shome
IAA_ISE Department Committee- Madhurasmitha Chakravarthy
IAA_Architecture Department Committee- Sharmili Sampath
IAA_CSE Department Committee- Amrita Dhar
IAA_IEM Department Committee- Abhijit.M.Kulkarni
IAA_Chemical Department Committee- Vijay Krishna
IAA_EEE Department Committee- Rajesh K S
IAA_Transportation Department Committee- Rajeev Seetharam
IAA_Instrumentation Department Committee- Guruprasad G V
IAA_Electronics & Communication Department Committee-G. Rupesh Kumar
IAA_Telecomm Department Committee- S R Raja Srinivasan
IAA_Manufacturing Department Committee- Gautam AcharyaIAA_MCA Department Committee- Pattabhi Raman


Merrit cum Means Scholarship will be announced for the coming year. IAA_Scholarship Committee is formed in Bangalore and USA. Formalities on how to establish are being worked out.


IAA to Institute a Merit Certificate and a Cash Award for Teachers

IAA to Institute a Merit Certificate and a Cash award of Rs.1000/- ANNUAL AWARD
to the teacher in whose course /subject more than 80% students score
more than 80% marks excluding Internal Assesment marks (class marks).

IAA Committes are formed and formalities are being worked out.


This creates a NEW culture in BMSCE Campus just like it is done in any other universities in USA and other places. Here students work for WORK STUDY FUNDS and for Graduate Assistanships just like some BMS Students do here at their USA Universities. Let us try to do this and implement it in BMSCE.

IAA Committees are being formed and formalities are being worked out on how to establish this at BMSCE.


Contact in Bangalore:

Dr. Manamohan R Kalgal (BMS 1974-79)
President BMSCE IAA
Gen. Manager(Tech, &; Business Dev.)
BBR (India) Ltd.,Bangalore
e-mail: and

Phone Nos. are 080-8-26755996(R),
080-22264860/22257889/2258740/22384596(O) and 98440 10074 (cell)


Dr. H.S. Jagadeesh,(BMS – 1986 batch)
Head of Transportation Engineering Department, in BMSCE.
“jagadeesh huskur”


I hope , I have provided enough information for all of you to know what IAA is planning to do and implement at BMSCE. This can be done at mutual cooperation of our alma mater.

All IAA Members and BMSites need to come forward and support IAA. ANNUAL Pledges from IAA Members and BMSites are welcome and it is usefull for the growth of IAA.

All suggestions are welcome as long as it can be implemented by IAA.

Expecting positive replies from you.


V. M. Kumaraswamy
Executive Moderator, BMSCE IAA

BMSCE Graduating Class of 1971, Civil Engineering

Student of BMS College of LAW from 1971-1974

I am in USA since Jan/1975. I did my MBA from University of Wisconsin-Whitewater, USA.

I have my own Consulting Business since 1979. I am in Southern California, USA.

My email id:
Phone: 949-857-8578
Fax: 949-653-1911


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