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Posted by bmsceiaa on November 17, 2006


Date:  Sun, 10 Jul 2005 16:47:14 -0700 (PDT)
From: Send an Instant Message “madan mohan” <>  Subject: Re: IAA UK is GROWING / RE: [BMSCEIAA] Anybody in Manchester area? / Any one in London ?
To:  “Mel M” <>,  “Veena Ramaswamy” <>, “Venkatappa Kumaraswamy” <>,,,,,,
CC:  “V M Kumaraswamy” <>

Hi… BMSites in UK

Yes it would be gr8 to have a get to gether…. Even I am in the same boat as Marilyn.. even i need to travel, am in cardiff. Its a brilliant idea of a bank holiday weekend.. wat i think is if its convenient then we can even make it any weekend. How abt mid August… say the 2nd weekend (13 or 14). 15th being our Independence day.. i feel it will be gr8 and memorable. Wat do u ppl say



Mel M <> wrote:


Yes i think meeting up wud be a great idea but i think a bank holiday weekend is the best time. Cos atleast for me travelling is gonan be a task! cos, most of u all seem to be in london and me , i am in the midlands, Coventry. And moreover, as we all know, things need to settle down and calm down in Southern UK, mainly London as such because of the devastating events yesterday. I think the next bank holiday is only on August 29th isnt it.



Veena Ramaswamy <> wrote:

Hi all,

It is lovely to see so many emails and also great to hear from BMSites in UK. How about setting up an Alumni meet sometime soon? If all of you could suggest some dates and place, we could agree on something suitable for all of us?

Thanks for all your emails and interest. I look forward to hearing from you all soon.

Best Regards,

Venkatappa Kumaraswamy <> wrote:

Hello BMSites, IAA members,

This good to see the IAA group in UK is growing slowly.

Veena Ramaswamy and her BMSAlumni Husband Prakash are working with IAA. Veena recently visited BMSCE and met with IAA Bangalore TEAM, BMSCE Prinicipal, HOD of CSE, HOD of ISE and others.

Veena Ramaswamy has participated in IAA Teleconference calls.

It is good to know more number of IAA members are coming forward. NETWORKING HELPS a lot for now and for future. Let us do this.

There are more BMSites and IAA members in UK. It will take time for some of them to come forward and participate in IAA activities. ATLEAST LET US START IN A SMALL WAY in UK for BMSCE IAA.

You all need to take interest in IAA. It is yours and future ALUMNI’s of BSMCE.

Any questions on these please write me an email or to VEENA. VEENA and some of you should come together ad arrange a gettogether in UK.



V. M. Kumaraswamy

Executive Director, BMSCE IAA

BMSCE 1971 Civil Batch


— Veena Ramaswamy <>wrote:
> Hello Sir,
> I have been in touch with Indrajit. I will try to
> organise a get together some time. It is really nice
> to see IAA growing up in UK.
> Regards,
> Veena
> Venkatappa Kumaraswamy <>
> wrote:
>, is IAA Co_Ordinator for
> UK. Please contact her. Her Husband is also from
> IAA can have a get together in UK.

wills thomas <> wrote:

From: “wills thomas” <>
Subject: RE: [BMSCEIAA] Anybody in Manchester area?
Date: Thu, 07 Jul 2005 16:43:31 +0000

hi there

my name is wills thomas, i m doin a phd at glasgow. if you like to get in
touch let me know, i am from architecture 1198-2003 batch. my mobile no is


wills thomas

>From: “deepti sham”
>Subject: [BMSCEIAA] Anybody in Manchester area?
>Date: 7 Jul 2005 09:30:52 -0000
>Hello everyone!!
>I am Deepti from the 1998-2002 batch – E&E branch. Is there anybody from
>the Manchester area. It would be nice to meet up. Please let me know.

madan mohan <> wrote:

Hello guys…

Hope all of u in central London r fine… that 2 after the series of blast today.

Vijay, Veena and Indrajit have stated well… I think it will be gud to have a get to gether and a chat…

vijay dwarakanath <> wrote:

Hi Guys,

My name is Vijay Dwarakanath and i passed out in the
year 1999 from Maufacturing engineering…

Currently working for British Gas in UK and i
currently live in Staines in London

Please let me know if you would require any kind of

We could all have a get together some where in centrol

Just thinking of Trafalgar Square….

Let me know


Vijay Dwarakanath

> Indrajit Sengupta
> > ________________________________________
> > Account Executive
> > DSL Software Ltd.
> > Telephone +44(0)20754-57713
> > Mobile +44 (0)7913561511
> > Email :
> > Email :
> rajib hasan <>wrote: Date: Wed,
> 6 Jul 2005 10:24:13 -0700 (PDT)
> From: rajib hasan <>
> Subject: Re: So anybody from Boston area / Re:
> [BMSCEIAA] Any BMSCITE in London
> To:
> hi Mr. Indrajit,
> i am frm bms 1996-2000(cse) in
> london..cud i get ur phone number?
> Debasish Dutta Roy <>
> wrote:
> Hi
> If I am recollecting correctly, I do know you. I
> hope
> you will remember by name also, I am from BMS ISE
> 94-98.
> I live in Boston now. So anybody from Boston area is
> most welcome to give me a ping.
> Take care
> Regards
> Debasish
> — Indrajit Sengupta
> wrote:
> > Hi
> >
> > I am from the 1994 – 1998 CSE Batch
> > My wife is from BMS Archi. 1995 – 2000 batch
> >
> > We live in London so any BMSCITE in London get in
> > touch.
> > Let’s catch up!
> >
> > best regards,
> > Indrajit Sengupta
> > ________________________________________
> > Account Executive
> > DSL Software Ltd.
> > Telephone +44(0)20754-57713
> > Mobile +44 (0)7913561511
> > Email :
> > Email :
> > ________________________________________


One Response to “BMSCEIAA UK is GROWING / RE: [BMSCEIAA] in 2005”

  1. jabirsalam said


    This is a long due message but I guess better late than never.

    Am just curious, have we ever had an alumni meet in London ?

    If not, how about we set one up?


    BMS -ISE 2005

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