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BMSCE IAA Schoalrships Discussion and Some information you all need to know

Posted by bmsceiaa on November 17, 2006

BMSCE IAA Schoalrships Discussion and Some information you all need to know


Date: Mon, 8 Nov 2004 17:12:24 EST
Subject: BMSCE IAA Schoalrships Discussion and Some information you all need to know

Hello ALL,

Some good news for IAA.

I have talked to Dr. GNS. He has asked me to call Prinicipal Dr. Murugesh Mudaliar and talk to him about specific things what IAA is doing. Dr. GNS told me BMSCE Management has no problems with IAA. BMSCE Management has told that as long as it benefits college and students it is ok. They will support IAA, even if there are other alumni associations.

I have discussed this issue of SCHOLARSHIPS with Dr. GNS. He has told me that amount IAA should decide. Any amount is fine. Dr. GNS told that if a student gets any other scholarships at BMSCE he/she should not be eligible another one. One should not get two scholarships at BMSCE. The idea behind this is more people will be getting help through scholarships.


I have attached a one page document that was prepared by Ms. Sharmili Sampath. Go through that. IAA can make changes to that after our discussions. Amounts and all can be discussed further. There is chages needed in this we all can discuss. This is a start.

IAA needs to be flexible in amounts. Selection crieteria should be done at Bangalore.

IAA here is USA can come up with the way it has to be paid. Let your ideas come now. This has to happen now.

IAA does not have a FIXED CORPUS DEPOSIT where it is earning INTEREST to AWARD SCHAOLARSHIPS. IAA can offer SCHOLARSHIPS on IAA members ANNUAL Pledges made so far. I think few more will come. No one in INDIA has come forward yet.

SO now in IAA, Scholarships depends an ANNUAL pledges made by IAA members so far. Some part of the money should go to Committed ANNUAL Scholarships, Some part to IAA FIXED CORPUS DEPOSIT, Some part to Department Fund and some part into current account either here in USA or in Bangalore.

IAA will form Scholarship Committee in Bangalore. HoD-Transportation, HoD-Dr. Satyanarayana (he is good in this), Executive of IAA. They will inform IAA in USA.

This can be changed as things progress in IAA. Please select and give your input.

WHAT IT MIGHT HAPPEN IN IAA now ( these are all suggestions)

IF IAA members pledges $100/yr, IAA can offer a Scholarship of Rupees 4000 and the balance goes to IAA Corpus fund and Department fund.

If IAA member who pledges wants to specify the amount to be paid, IAA need to follow that and IAA need to get it ine writing from that member in the form email or letter.

Some IAA members who are in USA, might want to pay the ANNUAL amount in Bangalore. This should be in writing also and it should specify the amount and how it should be used by IAA.

There might be more BMSites coming forward once they see what is happenning with IAA.

IAA needs to explore all opportunities.

Let us discuss these matters here with in us.

Let us work together in IAA.

If any questions, please write to me.


V. M. Kumaraswamy
Executive Director BMSCE IAA
Graduate of BMSCE 1971 Batch


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  1. The topic is quite hot in the net at the moment. What do you pay the most attention to while choosing what to write ?

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