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BMSCEIAA in 2004 – UTSAV – From BMSCE IAA Member MEENA n [1994-1998]

Posted by bmsceiaa on November 16, 2006

 BMSCEIAA in 2004 – UTSAV – From BMSCE IAA Member MEENA N [1994-1998]

Date:  Sat, 10 Jul 2004 19:11:27 -0000
From: “meena_nanjundeswar” <>
Subject: Please look at the discussion forum

Dear All:

Its been a long time since I emailed. For those of you who joined 
into BMSCEIAA after April, this is Meena 94-98 Telecom batch. I have 
been  an active participant for BMSCIAA but was unable to participate 
for the last two months 'coz I relocated to Minnesota from Detroit 
and took me quite sometime to move my computer here. Anywayz, I am 
back into action now!   :D  

I am really happy that UTSAV was such a big success. Thank you very 
much for all your responses.  However, I do not see any activity on 
the discussion forum even tho I have logged on after 2 wholemonths! I 
expected to see a lot of emails and a lot o topics what with 1000 and 
odd members now at the BMSCEIAA! The whole purpose of the discussion 
forum is lost! I would definitely encourage and urge people to use 
the discussion forum more than the yahoo groups in future! Please 
post all your opinions on the discusson forum in future. 

So, everytime you want to write something to BMSCEIAA, don' open your 
yahoo! Login directly onto the discussion forum and post your 
opinions. I would definitely encourage all the members of BMSCEIAA to 
register on to the discussion forum today itself! 

Let us see more activity on the forum from today guys and gals! 

As for the activities going on , Kudos to Mr. Kumaraswamy for all his 
efforts and his guidance. This organization has come a long way and 
definitely has a very bright future! I would also like to take this 
oppurtunity on behalf of all the students of BMSCE,  to thank all the 
professors who have become members of this organization. Your very 
presence is a big encouragement for us and we hope that we will see 
more and more of our beloved professors and lecturers guide us as 
they have always done, and make this organization a big success. 

Glory be to BMSCEIAA and Mr.Kumaraswamy!


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