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BMSCEIAA Letter to Chairman of BMS Management

Posted by bmsceiaa on November 14, 2006


We the alumni of BMSCE have come together to form an alumni association BMS IAA with below mentioned objectives

  • Provide a platform for healthy interaction among the Alumni and promote a spirit of fellowship and belonging.
  • To promote mentoring programs that guide the BMSCE students about jobs and careers and help them build their professional networks
  • To provide scholarships/financial assistance to deserving students of BMSCE

We present a brief summary of our activities over past three years in this direction.

  • Mr. V. M. Kumaraswamy, currently based in USA was responsible for the inception of this association. He is currently the Executive Director of BMSCE International Alumni Association
  • The alumni met for the first time in December 2003 and in the subsequent meetings, forming sessions took place and following alumni recognized to lead the association.
    • President: Dr Manmohan Kalgal, 1981 batch Alumni
    • Treasurer: Dr H S Jagadeesh, HOD of Transportation, Placement officer BMS college of Engineering and 1985 batch alumni
    • Secretary: Mr. Devchander M, 2000 batch Alumni.
  • IAA was the co sponsorer for UTSAV 2004 and the IAA alumni members also assisted the UTSAV organizing committee in conducing activities, the prominent being Quiz, Debate and technical paper presentation.
  • IAA was also the co-sponsoror of NIRMAAN 2004, the inter colligate fest of Civil Dept and Dr, Kalgal, President of IAA gave a presentation cum Motivation Talk on ‘Carrier options in Civil engineering’
  • In December 2004, IAA was officially launched in BMS College of engineering in presence of Mr. Sreenivasa Murthy, Secretary of BMS Educational trust, Late Dr. Cheluva Raju, former chairman of BMS Education Trust, Dr Murugesh Mudaliar, former Principal BMSCE, Dr Bhaskar Naidu, Principal BMSIT.
  • IIAA was a co sponsorer in UTSAV 2005. Its members also sponsored the prize money for Kannada Literary events, Quiz and Debate.
  • In August 2005 the alumni of 1980 got together to celebrate silver jubilee of their graduation year and decided to install a scholarship. Mr Vijay Lathia took initiative of installing this scholarship. These scholarship were distributed to following students by Dr. Bisilaiah, chairman BMS education Trust on 2nd June 2006
    • Yashavanth Yadav, Electronics, VI Semester
    • M. Manjuanth, Computer Science, IV Semester
    • Kumar Arpan, Transportation Engg., VI Semester
  • Mr. V M Kumaraswamy installed two scholarships for students Civil Engineering, which was distributed to below mentioned students by Dr. Bisilaiah, chairman BMS education Trust on 2nd June 2006
    • Hemavathy, IV semester
    • Hamsaveni, IV semester
  • Mr. V Satyan installed a scholarship for the students of Mechanical Engineering, which was distributed to below mentioned student by Dr. Bisilaiah, chairman BMS education Trust on 2nd June 2006
    • Adarsh Jain, VI semester

                                                                                       Bangalore Committee


Dr.Manamohan Kalgal


‘BENAKA’, 982,

13th Main, I Blk.,

I Stg., BSK,


Bangalore – 560 050


Dr. H. S. Jagadeesh

1986 Batch

BMSCE – HOD-Transportaion


Dev Chander

Pattabhi Raman


C.R. Badrinath

Hanuma Reddy

P.J. Guruprasad

G. Rupesh Kumar

Vidya Murthy

Sanket Ravindra

Anupama Hatti

Ashok Krishna

Karthik Parashar


Sanjay Kattimani

Rajesh K S

Kiran Kadambi


G. Rupesh Kumar

Shashi Kumar .P




Guruprasad G V

Priyank Jagannatha

Vivekanand S

Bindu Rekha. B



Bharani Pandyan

Deepak Surendran

Pratima R J

Hemantharaju S

Vijayendra V

Chaitra Srinivas

Swaroop Bhandary

Ashutosh kumar


Executive Director

                                                                                        Mr. V. M. Kumaraswamy

1971 Batch

14102 Moore ct.

Irvine, CA 92606,USA


Fax: 949-653-1911

                                                                                                                       Executive Vice-President

Mr. Satyan Kalyandurg



                                                                                                              Executive Committee Members
                                                                                                                          Rajeev Seetharam

Sharmili Sampath

Vikram Dogra

Smitha Chakravarthy

Arun Sabbapathy

Abhijith Mukanda

Shibaji Shome

Vijay Krishna

Amrita Dhar

Gautam Acharya

Srivaishnav R


Mahesh C

Darshan D N

Anil Royappa

Hema Rangaswamy

Meena Nanjundeswar

Mukesh V


Harsha Basavaraj


Madhan Mohan

Veena Prakash


Karthikeyan S




Pranam Janney

Swaminathan N


Jyotsna Shenoy

Prabhu S.R


Naveen Naik

Arun Prakash


Amritha perera




B. M. S. College of Engineering

International Alumni Association

Website : 

Email: ,


  • Our Website, has doubled up as a job search and placement portal. The alumni regularly post about requirements in their organizations. Students use this information and can the have benefit of referral schemes.

We request your continued support for all our activities.

Best Regards,

Mr. V. M. Kumaraswamy , USA        Dr. Manmohan Kalgal

Executive Director                                President

Dr. H.S Jagadeesh                             Mr. Devchander

Treasurer                                                Secretary


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